【2KG Pack】Tri-Color Silk PLA - Green / Yellow / Blue

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Tri-color silk PLA Green / Yellow / Blue for FDM 3D printing 1KG 1.75mm.

The filament combines blue, green, and red colors. Rotating the part to a different orientation changes the visible color.

Multicolor filament for unique, eye-catching designs with its transition colors. Colors change gradually, enabling multicolored prints from one spool. Perfect for 3D printing articulated dragons, toys, and anything you can imagine.

Works easily with nearly all 3D printers that take 1.75mm filament--e.g., Kingroon KP3S, KP3S Pro, Creality K1C, K1, K1 Max, Prusa, Ender, ANYCUBIC, Flashforge, SCRIB3D, and more.

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