Bambu Lab Build Plate P1P P1S X1 X1C A1 Mini 184mm 257mm PEY PEO H1H PET PEI

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The PEY film is so different with others film,it has a pattern of stars and small dots on it. Unique shiny sparkly imprint. And when you look it from different angles, different colors will be reflected.What's more, different color will be leave on printing model too.

PET/PEO also will leave pattern on model, but super PEY can make your model have colorful and cool patterns directly. So far, we have printed nearly 60 times and haven't found any damage of the pattern inside the PEY film.Its reuse rate is very high.

First layer: Smooth PEY/PEO/PET/PEI film(printing surface)
Second layer: flexible spring steel plate
Third layer:texture PEI coating(printing surface)
Fourth layer: soft magnet rubber with 3M glue (platform sticker)

Support printing filament

Product size:

PEI Sheet Build Plate Size 3D Printers
10.12×10.12 inch
For Bambu Lab P1P, Bambu Lab X1-Carbon, Bambu Lab P1S, Bambu Lab P1P

<Excellent adhesive for first printing layer>
We tested again and again and found that PEY film has very good adhesive for filament,even better than smooth PEI PET or PEO.It even can stick well without heating the platform. No glue , easily print even for a newbie.

<Easy to maintain>
If the PEY surface is dirty, you only need to wipe it with a wet tissue, dry it with a dry tissue,And then it becomes new one just like you first get it,no need alcohol or other cleaning solvent.

<Simple and easily remove model>
The spring steel sheet can be bent to remove the mold quickly, without the help of other tools. And the plate will return to flatness,no deformation.
You can even remove the model without cooling down on PEY sided.

<Support various filament printing >
After our extensive testing, we recommend PEY/PEO/PET to print PLA / TPU /PETG.(temperature suggestion:50°C-70°C,≤90°C)
PEI recommend to print PLA /PLA-CF/PETG/PC/ABS /TPU /Nylon etc

<Double sided printing>
The spring steel sheet is come with two printing sides , you can print on PEY or PEI for many times,which makes you take full advantage of it.

<High quality material>
1.Both PEY PEO/PETand PEI are of very good adhesion, especially for PLA,so it is easy to print the first layer even for a new user
2.The soft magnetic base with 3M glue is of very strong magnetic attraction, so it can attract to to the steel plate sticky,which can prevent the plate moving and warping.
3.Spring steel sheet is made of stainless steel, no matter how bent it is, it can return to flatness

<Easy to Install>
The spring steel sheet is flat and flexible, you just need to tear off the 3M tape of magnetic base and paste it on platform, then put the printing sheet on the magnetic base ,the printing sheet will automatically attracted to magnetic base, no glue ,no screw, just put and print.

Before each time printing, please wipe the printing surface with wet tissue first,and don't touch the PEY printing surface.Print after the surface dries out.

1.If you touch the PEY surface and found there is no pattern,please wipe it with tissue ,then it will appear again.
2.This sheet need to use together with magnetic base, if you don’t have this base, please buy with magnetic base, but some printer has magnetic platform already such as bambu lab,prusa mk3, then you don’t need to buy with it.
3.For PEO and PET, please cool down before removing models