Voron Nozzle Cleaning Brush

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Nozzle cleaning Brush Kit for VORON 2.4, VORON R2, Voron-Trident

Material Quality: Crafted with high-quality copper wire, this brush ensures durability and effective filament removal.

Versatile Compatibility: Designed for VORON 2.4, VORON R2, Voron-Trident 3D printers. this tool is a versatile addition to your 3D printer accessories.

Ease of Use: Simple installation and operation, this brush is a breeze to use before each print for optimal hotend cleaning.

Customizable Cleaning: Modify the slicing software script to drive the machine for a customized cleaning routine, tailored for your VORON.

Comprehensive Cleaning Kit: This complete kit includes a copper brush handle and toothbrush, ensuring a thorough cleaning of your 3D printer's hotend.

Suggestion: print with ABS, PA-CF, etc. with high-temperature-resistant filaments.

  • Operation method: drive the machine to brush the cleaning brush before printing by modifying the slicing software script. Taking VORON 2.4 R2 as an example, add the following code before the slicing start script:

G1 X250 F6000
G1 Y295 F6000
G1 E40 F500 ; draw prime line
G1 Z2 F2000
G1 X200 F3000
G1 X250
G1 X200
G1 X250
G1 X200
G1 X250
G1 Z10 F3000
G1 X155 Y155 F9000

Note: Different machines require the customer to modify the limit position of the XYZ axis and the lifting height of the Z axis when inserting the nozzle.