Universal 3D Printer Enclosure 5mm Plexiglass [540x540x620mm Inner Volume]

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Universal 3D printer enclosure with 5mm Plexiglass Kit of 540x540x620mm Inner Volume. Compatible with PRUSA MK4/MK3/Creality Ender 3/5 Pro | Fits IKEA Lack | Cover for Constant Temperautre

Material: plexiglass
Product Dimensions 21.26"D x 21.26"W x 24.41"H
Compatible Devices Prusa MK3, Prusa Mini, Creality Ender 3, Creality Ender 5, Kingroon KP3S Pro V2 & more

IDEAL SIZE - 520mm x 520mm x 620mm clearance is ideal for a variety of FDM printers including Prusa MK3/MK3S & Creality Ender 3 Series
PREMIUM PLEXIGLASSS - 5mm thick plexiglass reduces noise & maintains optimal temperature for 3D printing with high-temperature materials
MULTI-MATERIAL CAPABLE - Multiple filament paths allow for simple or complex printer arrangements with support for single or multi-material applications
MODULAR AND ADAPTABLE - Corner passthroughs allow the user to run cords into the enclosure, perfect for mounting the power supply outside or for external electronics
MADE FOR MULTIMATERIAL - Fully compatible with Prusa MMU2/MMU2S & Palette 2/2S/2 Pro/2S Pro multi-material setups
EXTRA PARTS INCLUDED - Use the many spare parts included in this 3D printe enclosure kit to make your own 3D printed projects
COMPATIBLE WITH IKEA LACK TABLES - With a size that fits perfectly on an IKEA LACK table, this 3D printer enclosure is a compact solution for any printing space
ACCESSORY PRINTS - Add additional features to your Universal 3D Printer Enclosure with a wide variety of accessory prints that are available for download
DAISY-CHAIN - If you need to expand your 3D printing farm, this enclosoure is able to be daisy-chained together to improve the space utlilization of your 3D printing workspace
CUSTOMIZABLE - Print the enclosure in any color combination that you want to compliment your printer or your workspace

Let's make building an enclosure simple
When creating the Universal 3D Printer Enclosure, we set out to create a bundle that included everything needed to complete a high-quality 3D printer enclosure.

Everything you need to complete the enclosure is included EXCEPT a 3D printer & filament for printing the 3D printed parts.

Assembly is REQUIRED
The product comes disassembled - you will need to assemble the kit. All tools are included in the package with a complete Build Guide that walks you through each step with color pictures and tips on how to assemble the enclosure.

Tool Insert
Need a place to store your tools?
Add a Tool Insert so that your tools are always within arm's-length when you need them

Arch Insert
Need to pass a wire into the enclosure?
Easily run wires into and out of the enclosure with the Arch Insert

Solid Insert
Changed your printing setup?
Instead of reprinting, add a Solid Insert to the enclosure

Foot Channel for Wires
What about the feet?
We've made the feet just as customizable as the top corners, with a variety of inserts that allow you to run wires outside of the enclosure - especially useful for mounting your PSU outside of the enclosure

Removable Top for Easy Access for Printer Maintenance
With a fully removable top, the Universal 3D Printer Enclosure allows for easy printer access. You can remove the entire top without any tools, allowing for direct, unobstructed access to your printer.

Removable Top for Easy Access for Printer Maintenance
10mm Cross Support for a Solid Ceiling
15 Filament Holes for Various Filament Routes & Temperature Control
Mount Accessories using the Filament Holes

IKEA Lack Compatible

The Universal 3D Printer Enclosure was designed to match the size of the IKEA Lack table with the sides of the enclosure fitting flush with the sides of the IKEA Lack table for a clean fit and finish.

Features of the the Universal 3D Printer Enclosure:

Fits the Prusa MK3/MK3S with a paver AND with the standard filament holder5mm plexiglass reduces noise and improves stability of the enclosure

Compatible with the Creality Ender 3 Series of printers

Multiple accessory prints available for the PSU and for mounting the LCD screens externally for Prusa MK3/MK3S owners

Screws for creating a stack of multiple IKEA Lack tables are included in the kit with free, downloadable STL files

Ready to add some more printers to your farm?

Daisy-Chained (DC) Universal 3D Printer Enclosures
The Universal 3D Printer Enclosure can be daisy-chained (DC) together to house multiple printers. Save space and improve print quality of your farm by combining 2 enclosures with our DC STLs. Details are available in the Build Guide.

*Shown above are the Prusa MK3S & Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printers; 3D printers, printer accessories, filament and table sold separately

Compatible with Multicolor Printing Systems

Prusa MMU2S Compatible
Add the Prusa MMU2S system to your enclosure with a simple adapter that allows you to mount the buffer directly to the top of the enclosure.

Rear Filament Access for Prusa MMU2S Buffer
Using the 5 rear filament access holes, you can run the filament into the back of the enclosure for direct access to the multi-material unit on the printer.

Palette 2 Compatible
The Palette 2 system is fully compatible with the Universal 3D Printer Enclosure. With multiple filament access holes on the top of the enclosure, you can setup the Palette with direct filament access from above which allows for compatibility across 3D printer brands.