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95% Pre-installed: TRONXY CRUX 1 small 3D printer, in semi-assembled kit, both as an entry-level version and as a portable home office version, high adaptability, quick assembly, efficiency first, saving your installation time.

Cantilever Structure: Lightweight structure, build a reasonable force balance, with good load capacity, improve efficiency and maintain stability during printing. One-time molding, simplify tedious mini 3d printer installation steps.

Portable Lightweight: Small 3d printer CRUX1 weights less than 6 kg, equivalent to a small dumbbell weight. Small and lightweight suitable for students and children, big toys exposed to technology can also create their own toys.

XYZ Axis Unique design: Y-axis OSG linear guide rail, high wear-resistant pulley runs smooth and speed, greatly improve the accuracy and stability. X-axis belt adjustment knob, easy to adjust the tightness of the belt, reduce the appearance of printing layers. Z-axis limit hand screw can easily adjust the height of Z-axis.

Direct-Drive Extruder: Proximal extrusion head, stable and fast extrusion filaments, more accurate extrusion and more precise retraction, compatible with common filaments in the market, PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU.

Double OSG15 Guide Rail
OSG15 external double-axis guide rail, sliding smoothly at high speed, lower noise
With portable handle, light weight and high portability

PEI Sheet
Magnetic PEI, Print a model with a large contact surface, take off the PEI coating, bend it gently, and the model will fall off automatically

Direct Drive Extruder
Direct drive extruder, models are printed with higher quality
Model cooling fan, stronger wind and more stable
Dual-axis metal guide rail, work smoother

Large Nut Design
Humanized large hand-tightening nut, labor-saving
2.8 in display with 8 languages options, automatically sleeps within 60s when printing, save power.