Trianglelab Bimetallic MY Nozzle for Neptune 4 / 4 PRO

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Trianglelab bimetallic MY high temperature nozzles compatible with ELEGOO Neptune 4, Neptune 4 PRO.

Printing temperature 500'C
Printable with carbon fibre Filled Filament
It combines the high thermal conductivity of copper alloys with the wear resistance of hardened steel, allowing you to easily print filaments filled with a variety of abrasive materials such as GF, Carbon Firber filaments, or luminous while maintaining flow rate and interlayer bond strength and surface quality. The body of this nozzle has electroless nickel plate finish to prevent oxidation and increase surface hardness. The surface of the hardened steel insert is DLC coating and the hardness of the coating is as high as HV2300.

Compatibility: Compatible with ELEGOO Neptune 4/Neptune 4 PRO