Stepper Motor 42

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Stepper 42 Motor 48MM 60MM Height Square Motors 17HS8401 17HS8401S With Cable Black Sliver

Rated voltage DC 3. 2V Maximum no-load
starting frequency
≥1500 PPS
Rated current DC2.0A Maximum no-load
operating frequency
≥2500 PPS
Step angle 1.8°+0.09° Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ(DC 500V)
Phase number 2 Insulation level Grade B
Winding Dcresistance (25 °C) 1.6x(1+10%)Ω Electrical strength AC600V/1mA/1S
Winding inductance 3.6x(1±20%)mH Quality 0.47Kg/pcs REF
Maintain torque
(Two phases are energized simultaneously)
≥700mN.m Weight 367g