Stepper 57 Motor 45mm 56mm 64mm 76mm 82mm Height Square Motors

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Excellent workmanship | Stable performance l High accuracy

Pure copper cable
Imported rotor
Magnetic column hole

High precision, Stable performance
All motor components are suitable for precision machine tool production and processing, and precision is strictly controlled; lt can start and stop quickly, and frequently rotate forward and backward

Rigidity strength, High speed uniform
Through special process treatment, the rigidity and strength of the motor are comprehensively improved, making it less prone to deformation.The grinding of the stator teeth of the motor is uniform and smooth with high accuracy in the inner hole. The speed is stable and accurate during operation without losing step.

Imported bearings, More powerful performance

The surface of the rotor is coated with imported epoxy resin adhesive to prevent burrs from being adsorbed on the rotor surface. The motor has a more stable magnetic field, larger torque compared to similar products, smoother and more stable operation, lower noise, and longer service life.

Bottom with magnetic column hole
Can be directly inserted into the magnet
Can replace traditional adhesive magnets, no need to worry about magnets falling off, closed-loop encoder precise positioning, stable and no loss of step

Product details
High structural accuracy, good stability performance and material compliance with GB standards

Surface Treatment
Good surface treatment performance, bright and colorful appearance, comfortable and smooth and feel

High quality copper material
Advanced winding and threading technology, evenly distributed copper wires, and resistant to deformation during long-term transportation

Mature technology
Copper profiles are processed using both hot and cold processes during the production process, resulting in strong corrosion resistance

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Stepper 57 Motor 45mm 56mm 64mm 76mm 82mm Height Square Motors With 1 Meter Cable Black 3D Printer Parts , No Terminal