S6609 Stepper Motor Driver

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S6609 is a super quiet two-phase stepper motor drive module designed and manufactured based on GC6609, with a built-in stepper drive mode of up to 256 subdivisions, super quiet, and low vibration. lt can operate within a wide working voltage range of 4-36 A, with an average working current of 2A and a peak current of 3A. Equipped with an automatic gain control loop (AGC), it can automatically adjust and compensate for the torque of variable loads, ensuring consistent torque. The automatic power-saving function will be activated when the motor is held. Comprehensive output protection, including over-temperature protection, under-voltage protection, output short circuit protection, etc.


  • 4-layer 20Z sinking gold TG155 PCB
  • Working voltage 4V-36V
  • Maximum continuous current 2A, peak current 3A
  • STEP/DR interface, input pulse 2/4/8/16 subdivision optional, internal automatic increase to 256 subdivision
  • Ultra-low motor noise, AGC can automatically compensate for torque over a wide speed range
  • Output short circuit protection, power, and ground short circuit protection
  • FLAG function abnormal indication
  • Stepstick module pin compatibility
  • Current can be adjusted through adjustable resistors or software


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