Rainbow Scratch Paper

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Rainbow scratch paper, also known as scratch art paper, is a type of art material that consists of a top layer of black ink or coating on a surface, which can be scratched off to reveal colorful patterns or designs underneath. It is a popular choice for children's crafts, art projects, and creative activities.

The paper typically comes in sheets or pads, and each sheet is composed of a cardboard or heavy paper base coated with a layer of black ink or coating. The coating can be scratched off using a variety of tools, such as wooden styluses, plastic scratchers, or even simple household objects like toothpicks or paper clips.

When the top layer is scratched off, vibrant colors are revealed underneath. These colors can be pre-printed in various patterns, such as rainbows, swirls, or abstract designs. The result is a colorful and visually appealing creation.

Rainbow scratch paper provides a fun and interactive way for children and adults alike to explore their creativity. It can be used to make greeting cards, bookmarks, ornaments, masks, and many other craft projects. The scratch-off technique allows for precise detailing and intricate designs, making it an engaging art medium.