Copper Titanium Alloy Throat Hotend for Prusa MK4/XL

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Prusa MK4/XL Copper Titanium Alloy Throat / heatbreak.

  • A must-have spare part for DIY your FDM 3D printing project or replace Original MK4 - MK3.9 - XL Extruder Throat: This is a clone bimetal heatbreak for the Hotend assembly dedicated for printers equipped with Nextruder. This adapter makes your Nextruder compatible with any V6 nozzle. Not compatible with Prusa I3 MK3S, MK3, MK2.5S, MK2.5, MK2S, MMU2, SCW1, SL1, MINI, MK3S+, MINI+, SL1S, CW1S, MK2, MMU2, MMU1, MMU3, MK3.5.
  • How To Replace the Stock Adaptor?- First, screw the throat into the heater block tightly with a wrench, heating up the printhead at the same time is VERY necessary(if using an old heater block), then screw the nozzle tightly enough. Last, screw the throat and nozzle one more time together with the heated block. You can see there exists a gap about 0.5mm between nozzle and block, then done! Refer Installation Video on YT, search: MK4 split pipe installation.
  • High Quality Bi-Metal Heatbreak: This Heatbtreak is made from two components, Copper and Titanium TC4. Titanium TC4 reduces heat upward conduction at the heating position, and copper for heat dissipation to accelerate heat conduction. It has High temperature resistant up to 500C degree, with different thermal conductivity and smooth inner wall reduce 3d printer material clogging. A wide compatibility with different filaments, such as PLA, TPU, PETG, Wood, ABS, etc.
  • V6 Nozzle Saver: With this adaptor filament feeding tube you can reuse all your existing V6 style nozzles. All-metal filament guide (no PTFE tubes anywhere) improves the overall reliability of the printer.