PolyDryer from Polymaker

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The PolyDryer from Polymaker is a 2-in-1 solution for the efficient drying and safe storage of filaments. The dryer in the modular design is excellently sealed and keeps moisture mercilessly away from your filament spools! A 360° air flow with 3 adjustable power levels ensures even, efficient drying of the materials.

Features & Advantages
Modular design
Excellent sealing performance
360° airflow
Three adjustable power levels
Versatile compatibility

Tip: In combination with other PolyDryer boxes, you can safely store your dried filaments for future projects.
⇒ Max. spool dimensions: 205 Ø x 78 mm

Additional features:
► Can be customised to your individual needs with add-ons (e.g. Airlock Stacker, Opening Lever, Wall Mount Clip, etc.) – STL add-ons are included in delivery,
► Heat Safety Control with automatic shutdown to prevent overheating and an NTC thermistor on the PCB board,
► Continuous drying mode for safe drying without unpleasant surprises,
► Compatible with different spool sizes (1 kg, 0.75 kg, 0.25 kg…).



Dry and store in onesolution

With one drying dock you can add as many PolyDryer' Boxes as youneed so your next project is always ready to go.



You'll never have to break the seal again

Don't worry about moisture ruining your prints, the PolyDryer" Box hasthe best sealing performance on the market.


Brings your forgotten
spools back to life

360° airflow secures even drying of your spool without damaging it.Compatible with all popular 3D printing materials with 3 preset powellevels.





The 360° drying system creates a temperature distribution inside the PolyDryer™. For that reason, a single temperature can't represent the true situation as it varies around the spool. Other elements like the room temperature, initial moisture content, spool size, and material type and weight also affect the internal temperature of the box.