Nylon Carbon Fiber 1KG

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Nylon CF is an engineering grade nylon filament which is blended with chopped carbon fibers (approximately 15% by weight), creating a high-strength filament capable of printing tough, shatter-resistant, functional parts. This filament is ideal for anyone that desires a structural component with high modulus, improved chemical and thermal resistance, excellent surface quality, and ease of printing.
Engineering-grade CF Filaments add stability and rigidity to the filament, so parts are much less likely to warp than with standard nylon. This means that printing with Nylon CF is actually easier than printing with traditional nylon while providing parts that are durable and stiff from the carbon fiber. Additionally, less warping means you can enjoy more accurate printed parts with fewer failed prints.
Nylon CF is the perfect blend of strength and durability; If you are already printing with nylon it's time to upgrade. Nylon CF components print with a fantastic matte finish that requires no post-processing. The high precision of this filament makes it a potential replacement for aluminum using 3D printing instead of CNC milling.

What Can You Create WITH Nylon CF?
RC Cars, Drone Parts, Sports Accessories, Gears, Fittings for Home Furnishings, Artistic 3D Prints, and many more!

Nylon CF Printing Tips
Like all nylons, Nylon CF must be kept dry! If it does not remain packaged with desiccant, it will readily absorb moisture from the air; this will lead to degraded print quality and wasted filament. You can dry it out by using a filament dryer for more precise dehydration for all filament types.
It's necessery to use an all-metal hot end when printing with carbon firber filaments. Micro Swiss offers an all-metal hot end, but alternatives like those from E3D or Slice Engineering are also viable options. It's essential to upgrade the nozzle as well. The brass or the plated copper nozzles are not suitable for abrasive materials. Instead, options like hardened steel, ruby-tipped, Creality Unicorn Tri-Metal nozzle or Nozzle X from E3D are recommended for printing with abrasives. The market has increased prevalence of enclosed consumer-grade 3D printers equipped with hardened extruders and nozzles capable of handling such materials, such as Creality K1C, Bambu X1, X1C, etc.

    Slicer Settings for Nylon CF

    Nominal Diameter: 1.75mm ± 0.02mm
    Print temperature: 250-265°C
    Print speed: 25mm/s - 35mm/s
    first layer speed: around 15mm/s
    Bed temperature: 60-65°C for Garolite, 80°C for Glass with glue stick
    Spool Dimensions: 7.88" OD x 2.12" ID x 2" Height
    Nozzle: Stainless Steel, Olsson Ruby, or other hardened steel nozzles

    Filament Specifications:
    1.75mm +/- 0.05mm in diameter

    Recommended Print Settings:
    • Extruder Temperature: 235-260℃,
    • Bed temperature: 80-105℃
    • Printing Speed: 40-100mm/s
    • Heated Bed: Required
    • Recommended Build Surfaces: PVP Soild Glue + 3Dlac, always use brim for better bed adhesion.
    • Print Suggestion: Drying at 65℃ />3h
    Other recommendations: cover around printer, protection against change of ambient temperature.

    More information of Nylon-CF

    PLA PETG Rapid PLA
    (recommended 205°C)
    (recommended 220°C)
    (recommended 220°C)
    RECOMMENDED HEATED BED TEMP: 50-65°C 80-80°C 40-60°C
    PRINTING SPEED: 30~70mm/s 30~600 mm/s 30~600 mm/s
    PRINT LAYER THICKNESS: 0.2mm 0.2mm 0.2mm
    RECOMMENDED PLATFORM: Glass/Fiberglass Board/PVP glue stick or textured paper Glass/Fiberglass Board/PEI+PVP glue stick or platform spray Glass/Fiberglass Board/PEI+PVP glue stick or platform spray
    DIMENSIONAL ACCURACY 99% PROBABILITY: +/- 0.02mm +/- 0.02 mm +/- 0.02 mm
    NET WEIGHT: 1 kg/spool (2.2 lbs) 1 kg/spool (2.2 lbs) 1 kg/spool (2.2 lbs)
    DENSITY: 1.2(g/cm³) 1.27(g/cm³) 1.2(g/cm³)
    TENSILE STRENGTH (X-Y) : ≥ 50(MPa) ≥60(MPa) ≥60(MPa)
    ELONGATION AT BREAK (X-Y) : 11.2 (%) 19 (%) 19 (%)
    BENDING MODULUS : 1913(MPa) 2680(MPa) 2680(MPa)
    BENDING STRENGTH : 91(MPa) 80(MPa) 80(MPa)
    CHARPY IMPACT STRENGTH : 5.4(kJ/m²) 3.85 (KJ/m²) 3.85 (KJ/m²)
    MELT INDEX: 14(190℃/2.16kg)g/10min 8.2(190°C/2.16kg)g/10min 8.2(190°C/2.16kg)g/10min
    THERMAL DISTORTION TEMP: 53°C (0.45MPa) 53°C (0.45MPa) 53°C (0.45MPa)
    FAN: 100% 100% 100%