Neptune 3 Series Spare Parts

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Spare parts for ELEGOO Neptune 3, 3 Pro, 3 Plus, 3 Max 3D printers, including:

  • Hotend kit for Neptune 3 Pro/Plus/Max
  • PTFE Tube for Filament Guidance
  • 24V 4015 Blower Fan
  • 24V 4010 Blower Fan
  • 6010 Cooling Ventilator
  • Brass nozzle
  • PEI Print Platform for Neptune 3 Pro
  • Rigid Coupling Shaft Coupler 5x8x25mm 
  • Dual-gear direct extruder for Neptune 3 Pro/ Plus/ Max
  • Proximity switch Auto Leveling Kit for Neptune 3Pro/Plus/Max
  • Neptune 3 Plus 330*330*3mm Heatbed with cable

24V 4015 4010 Blower Fan 6010 Cooling Ventilator For ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro / Plus 3D Printer Parts

FYSETC 2pcs Non-Slip XY Belt Set 2GT-6mm for Elego Neptune3 Plus: X axis (974mm) + Y axis (946mm) Pre-Crimped Copper Sleeves with Extra Buckles Easy Install 3D Printer Part Motion Accessory

Application FDM 3D Printer: This 2pcs open timing drive belts of X axis (974mm) + Y axis (946mm) are only compatible with ELEGO Neptune-3 Plus. Determine which one for the X-axis by comparing the length of both belts. Please confirm your 3d printer model before ordering. We also have another XY axis 2gt timing belt 6mm for ELEGO Neptune-3 Pro, please search Asin:B0CLS483LF at our store. Not for Neptune4, Neptune4 Pro.

Easy Installation: Drop-in 3d printer replacement part, very easy to install. When replacing the timing belt, the belt tension of tensioner must be reduced to a minimum before it can be removed. Remove the old stock from belt plate and assemble the new. Due to the belt is a consumable part of 3d printer, regular replacement will make your printing result better.

Stable and Durable: The 3d printer 2GT-6mm drive belt made of reinforced rubber, which has very good durable and corrosion resistance and it will not stretch under normal tension. It is specially developed for 3D printers.

High Quality 3D Printer Accessories: Due to the special tooth surface, the drive belt is particularly resistant to wear. This means a long belt life and the precise tooth profile provides excellent grip for efficient and quiet transmission.

Package Include: Belt Buckles have been pressed on one end of the belt, can be installed directly. At the same time, comes with 4pcs extra belt crimps.

Step Motor For ELEGOO Neptune 4/4Pro 3D Printer Parts

Power Supply, Neptune 3 Pro

By ElegooPulley Kit for Neptune 3Pro/Plus/Max 4Pcs

POM Wheel With 625zz Bearing Idler V-Slot Aluminum Profile Perlin Pulley For Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro Plus Max, Neptune 4 3D Printer.

POM V-guide Roller

quieter, stable, and precise motion

X-axis Synchronous Belt Kit for Neptune 3Pro/Plus/Max

Universal proximity switch Auto Leveling Kit for Neptune 3Pro/Plus/Max

【Official Motherboard】ELEGOO official motherboard is designed for easy installation, which is seamless compatibility with the widely used Marlin firmware, which enables users to use the rich features and extensive customization options offered by Marlin, enhancing the versatility of their 3D printers.

【Efficient Performance】Equipped with a powerful 32-bit microcontroller, this motherboard delivers high processing capabilities, enabling faster processing and more efficient execution of commands. The enhanced performance not only accelerates the printing process but also ensures precise control and smoother movements for improved print quality.

【Silent Stepper Motor Drivers】Incorporate the MS35774 256 subdivision silent drive, which offers exceptional motor control and effective noise reduction, ensuring a quieter printing experience without compromising performance.

【Support for Multiple Driver Types】Reserved plug-in port of E1 shaft drive, compatible with various stepper motor drivers, including A4988, TMC2209, TMC2225, and TMC2208 drivers. This flexibility allows users to choose the driver that best suits their requirements, providing options for different performance levels and cost considerations.

【Extended Function Interface】The extended interface supports features like auto-leveling, filament runout detection, resume printing, and other additional connectivity options for easy integration of peripherals, enhancing the convenience and functionality of the 3D printing process.

【Compatibility and Connectivity】Compatible with Neptune 3 Pro/Neptune 3 Plus/Neptune 3 Max FDM 3D printers. It supports standard interfaces and connections, including USB, SD card slots, LCD_TFT screen, and various sensors, making it easy to integrate into different printer models or upgrade existing setups.

HzdaDeve Heater Cartridge Heating Tube 24V 40W Thermistor Temp Sensor NTC 100K 3950 for ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro/Plus Extruder Hot End Accessories for 3D Printer (4 Pcs)

Compatible Printer: For ELEGOO Neptune 3 pro /plus 3D Printer Extruder/Hot End.
The recommended temperature of the heater does not exceed 300 degrees.
The package includes 2PCS 24V 40W 3D printer cartridge heaters, 2PCS thermistors for ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro /Plus.
Note: Please keep the copper buckle on the thermistor of your original device
Further accessories for 3D printers can also be found in our shop.

Assembled Extruder Hotend Kit for Neptune 3 Pro/ Plus/ Max