Dual Y-axis Linear Rail for Neptune 3 / 4

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Dual Y-axis Upgrade Linear Rail Kit MGN9H 315MM for Elegoo Neptune 3, Neptune 3 Pro, Neptune 4.
1. Dual linear rails more stable than single rail version and wheel movement system.
2. The linear guide rail with smooth and low-friction motion characteristics reduces energy loss and mechanical wear
3. No lose in Z axis height, guaranteed original print size
4. Use as many original plate and parts as possible.

Suitable for: Neptune 3/Neptune3Pro/Neptune 4
MGN9H Linear Guide (315mm) * 2
Guide rail support fixed block * 4
Hot bed guide connector*2
M3X6 flat head * 10
M3X8 flat head * 10
M3*5 cup head*14
M3 T nut * 10
M5X8 Flat round head* 6

Installation Diagram
1.Fix the guide rail fastener with preinstalled screws on the Y-axis profile and adjust the corresponding distance locking screws.
2.The front end of the fixed block is57mm from the top of the profile.
3.The distance between the two fixed4.Fix the 9H guide rail on the guide blocks is 140mm rail fixing block

Installation Diagram-2
1.Fix the platform rail connector ont he 9H rail slide block
2.Fix the limit switch stop on the
connector and adjust the impact distance
3.Fix the slide plate on the fixing holes 4.Finally, the hot bed plate, synchronizationof the two connectorsbelt and related parts are restored