Heating Tube + Thermistor for Neptune 3 Pro/Plus (4 Pcs)

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Heater Cartridge Heating Tube 24V 40W Thermistor Temp Sensor NTC 100K 3950 for ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro/Plus Extruder Hot End Accessories for 3D Printer (4 Pcs)

Compatible Printer: For ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro /Plus 3D printer Extruder/Hot End.
The recommended temperature of the heater does not exceed 300 degrees.

Note: Please keep the copper buckle on the thermistor of your original device

Heating Tube Specifications:
Head Size: 6x20mm.
Cable length: approx. 65mm.
Power: 24v 40w
The recommended temperature does not exceed 300 degrees.

Thermistor Specification:
Cable length: approx. 80mm.
br> High accuracy: 1%.
Resistance value at 25°C=100K.

The package includes 2pcs 24V 40W 3D printer cartridge heaters and 2pcs thermistors.