Multifunctional 3D Printer Enclosure

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Multifunctional 3D Printer Enclosure kit 3D Printer Tent Fume Extractor Smoker Absorber Ventilate Resin Smell Filament Odor Warmer Filament Dryer Dust Cover Waterproof Reduce Noise

1. Effectively Stop 3d Printing Fume Or Odor Affect Your Nose And Health ! The enclosure with excellent airtight performance, can insulate the smell emit from 3d printer resin or melted filament in time, then extract the smelly air out quickly by ventilation system.No more nasty fumes in the working room!

2.Enhanced Warming Affect,Contribute To Better Printing Quality And High Success Rate.When Print ender-3 with ABS filament (nozzle 240℃,bed 110℃, room temp.27℃),20-30 min. later, interior temp. could go to 41-42℃, with this constant temp., print object not easy wrap on bottom or crack between layers ; print an epax 10.1 inch mono LCD printer, at room temp.27℃, enclosure can go up to 33-35℃, which means allow resin flow faster, especially in cold days,this enclosure will help to print better
3.Multifunctional Usage. Excellent warming affect with exhaust fan make the enclosure to have unexpected Dryer function, when test ender 3 to print ABS filament, the inner humidity is 65%, 20 minutes later, interior humidity drop to 34%(with exhaust fan on), for long time,humidity would low to 26%. This enclosure also could be a Dust Cover , Waterproof Tent, UV light shelter and can reduce working noise.
4. Easy to install & Convenient to Use . Assemble the enclosure just like a simple tent; with lighting bar and observation window, easy to watch printing progress; the window made of dark transparent material,all zippers are air tighten ,so allow LCD printer working without acrylic cover and allow resin inside without been cured for long time storage; both side with exhaust fan seat,free to arrange extract direction according to need; the valve for anti backflow help easy to install vent on wall

5:Wide Compatibility .Small version Inner size W18.9"*D23.6"*H28.3"(48cm*60cm*72cm), can compatible for most LCD printer under 13.6 inch and FDM 3D printer size like Ender 3

Exhaust Smelly odor and smoke,make your working room air fresh again.
3D printing is fun and useful,but sometimes it's not so nose friendly. When printing with plastic especially ABS or resin in a closed room, the smelly of melt plastic and resin always make people feel uncomfortable, this enclosure is design to solve this problem , which could make your enjoy 3D printing more. Especially if your family have children or other sensitive member, add it to you 3D Printer absolutely will help you to print with more enjoyment

Beside extract bad smell air, it also bring you other amazing experience

Excellent warmer
The enhanced warming effect provides a better consistant printing temperature environment, allowing you to print filament smoothly, reduce warping, cracking, stringing or etc. It also allows resin to flow quicker, reduce bubbles, which make faster printing and the smoother surface

Dryer function
When used in FDM 3D printers, due to the heat( emitted by the printer itself) and wind (from the exhaust fan working)work together, result a excellent drying effect . After working for two hours, the air humidity may drop from 70% to 30%. This is the best humidity for filament, you don't need to pay $50 to order a filament dryer any more

Dust proof and waterproof
The outer material of the enclosure is high-quality PVC mesh fabric, which has excellent waterproof and airtight performance and very easy to clean. If your printer is not frequently used, use it to cover your printer can protect your printer from the influence of water and dust, reducing machine maintenance costs

UV light shelter and reduce working noise
The dark transparent observation window material is thick and can effectively block UV light, making the printer more convenient to use for no need to use original UV light filter cover. Due to the overall thick material and good sealing, the enclosure could effectively reduces the printer working noise.

All airtight zippers
all enclosure use zippers, normal zipper easy cause air leakage, so this enclosure use high quality airtight zippers, well lock bad smell air ,won't leak before extract out by exhaust fan

Free exhaust direction and double fan expand space
Both side with fan exhaust window, one side smell air out, other side fresh air in, offer enclosure inside enough negative pressure ,keep air exhaust fast, if you need air exhaust faster, you can add a ventilation kit in the spare seat( open a little in wire outlet to let air in) you can make enclosure double venting speed.

Convinient to watching printing progress
big watch window coordinate with shining white light bar ,you can observe enclosure inside free,a simple thermo-hygrometer allow user know basic temperature and humidity in time

Easy to install
Assemble the enclosure like a simple tent, and a anti backflow valve could let you install air outlet on wall easily

Material Enclosure: PVC mesh fabric, Shelf: Stainless steel
Product Dimensions: 60"D x 72"W x 48"H
Item Weight 9.1 Pounds