Multicolor Gold / Bronze / Copper Silk PLA

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Silk Tri-Color Filament: It uses the most advanced precision technology and fashion color design concept to realize tri-color 3D printing based on single color silk wire, gold bronze, and copper. You can make full use of the characteristics of tri-color filament to show multi-sided objects or light and shadow changes. Easily create unique designs. 

Shiny SILK PLA Filament: Compared with ordinary PLA 3D printed filament, this 1.75mm multi-color filament has its own luster and can bring silky texture, touch and color to any 3D model without polishing to enhance the ornamental and unique character of the model. You can print smooth objects, you can print crafts, toys, decorations, practical tools, vases, etc., shiny and beautiful 

Brand: Strong hero
Material :Polylactic Acid
Color : Pla Gold Gradient
Item Weight : 1 Kilograms
Item Diameter: 1.75 Millimeters