MKS CANable 2.0 USB to CAN Adapter

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The MKS CANable V2.0 module is an upgraded version of MKS CANable V1.0.CANable 2.0 is a small, low-cost, open-source USB-to-CAN analyzer. CANable enumerates as a virtual serial port on your computer and acts as the serial line for the CAN bus interface. When using the candlelight firmware, CANable is enumerated as a native CAN interface on Linux. CANable 2.0 supports the standards CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B and CAN FD. The MKs CANable Pro V2.0 is an upgraded version of the MKs CANable V2.0 . Under the premise of high-speed transmission rate and high operation stability, the MKS CANable Pro V2.0 has stronger anti-interference ability, which is very suitable for industrial debugging or motor field application..CANable analyzers are compatible with ARM-based embedded platforms such as: Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi Zero, ODROlD, BeagleBone, etc, making them ideal for integration into OEM products

1. Support CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B, baud rate up to 1M.
2. Support candlelight, slcan firmware, slcan initially supports CAN-FD, the test rate can reach 2M/5Mbaud rate.
3.Compatible with socket can through slcand.
4. Optional enable/disable termination resistor via jumper.
5. Support Type-C USB interface, online firmware upgrade and DfU mode upgrade firmware.
6. Using high-performance ARM Cortex-M4 STM32G431C8T6 processor, operating frequency up to170MHz.7. Provide schematic diagrams, firmware and source code, host computer, etc. Complete information and easy to use.

Difference between MKS CANable V2.0 Pro and MKS CANable V2.0:

MKS CANable V2.0 Pro isolates the power supply, GND and communication signals. This version is more anti-interference ability, which can effectively protect the equipment. it is more suitable for industrial debugging or motor field applications.

MKS CANable Tutorial Video:

CANable official:                      

MKS CANable github: