Mellow DLC Bimetal HC Nozzle

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Explore the boundless possibilities of 3D printing with Mellow DLC Hardened Steel & Copper nozzle, a perfect blend of precision and durability. Specifically designed for printing high-strength carbon fiber materials, this nozzle significantly enhances durability while ensuring excellent flow rates.

High-Thermal Conductivity Copper Body:
Copper boasts excellent thermal conductivity, rapidly transmitting heat to ensure a consistent temperature throughout the printing process for smooth, consistent print outcomes.

Nickel Plating:
The nickel plating on the nozzle surface prevents copper oxidation, maintaining long-lasting durability and superior performance of the nozzle.

Hardened Steel Nozzle Tip & DLC Treatment:
At the tip of the nozzle, we employ hardened steel material coupled with Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) treatment. This boosts the nozzle's hardness and wear resistance, especially when printing abrasive carbon fiber materials.

Innovative Material Combination:
By transitioning to hardened steel near the nozzle tip, we’ve successfully married the high thermal conductivity of copper with the wear resistance of hardened steel. Compared to traditional all-copper or all-hardened steel nozzles, this innovative design not only extends the nozzle’s lifespan but also ensures superior flow rates.

Product material: Copper+Hardened Steel
Product process: CNC
Maximum print temperature: 500°C
Applicable models: V6, MK8, CR10, VOLCANO, Elegoo Neptune 4, Creality K1
Filament diameter:1.75mm


1*HC Copper Nozzle