Makerbase CANable USB to CAN

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  • MKS CANable V1. 0 is an upgraded version of canable, which can communicate at a data rate of up to 1m bit / s in the fast stage of CAN. lt is very suitable for product debugging, can bus control and high-speed can applications in the automotive industry.
  • MKS CANable Pro V1.0 module for the MKS CANable V1.0 module upgrade version, with high-speed transmission rate and high running stability under the premise of MKS CANable Pro V10 module stronger anti-interference ability, very suitable for industrial application debugging or motor field.

1. Use high-performance STM32F072C8T6 processors with a running frequency up to 48 MHz
2. MKS CANable V1.0 CAN data rate is up to 1 M bit/s.
3. The MKS CANable Pro V1.0 high common-mode transient immunity >25 kV/us, which enhances the anti.interference performance.
4. MKS CANable V1.0 supports 32 devices connected to a PC at the same time.
5. MKS CANable Pro V1.0 bus supports 110 + nodes, and the non-electric nodes do not interfere with the bus.
6. MKS CANable Pro V1.0 has 2.5kV rms signal and power isolation.7. There is no need to install drivers for both Windows and Linux systems.

MKS CANable Tutorial Video:

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