LCD Screen Protective Film

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Screen Protector for Photon Mono X X2 4K 2K 6K

LCD Protective Film For Anycubic M3 Plus with 6.23/8.9/9.1/9.25 inch sizes

*Material : HD PET
*Thickness : 0.13mm
*Transmittance : 99%

Kindly Notes:
Because the machine irradiates ultraviolet rays through the screen to form different projection patterns. Therefore, the requirements for thickness and light transmittance are relatively high. Torlipy, In order to prevent ultraviolet light from scattering or reducing light intensity when passing through the screen. Otherwise, the pattern is not clear or the light intensity is weakened, which will affect the performance of the machine.

The protective film is relatively easy to stick, and it is not easy to produce blisters. And after tearing off the film, no glue can be left (otherwise it will be difficult to clean). Because there is no protective film on the screen, if it is difficult to remove the residual glue, the user will scratch the screen.