Original KP3S Heatbreak Bimetal Titanium Alloy Throat

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2pcs Original KP3S KP3S Pro, KP5L heatbreak bimetal 3D Printer Parts M6*30mm Titanium Alloy Throat For Kingroon Titan Extruder

Material:Stainless steel/Titanium alloy
For Filament:1.75mm
Feature:High quality Anti Corrosion
Apply for:Kingroon 3d printer KP3S KP3S Pro KP3S Pro S1, KP5M KP5L
Package include:2pcs throats

Product Features
CNC Precision
machine tool processing
The inner wall is smoothNo plugging
Thermostability 500°C
High hardness of titanium alloy

Titanium alloy Heat break for KP3S/KP5L

Product Material:Titanium alloy
Product Weight:2.1g
Product Size:6*30mm
Applicable Filament:Nylon, ABS and other high-temperature consumables(lt's not available for PLA/PETG.)