High Speed POM Pulley Wheels

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POM Pulley Wheels Openbuild Upgrade High Speed Bearing 625ZZ Idler Gear

Product advantages: The bearings in the pulley are upgraded from ordinary bearings on the market to high-speed bearings, which improve the precision of mechanical movement and increase the service life of the pulley.

Product difference: The motor type high-quality high-speed bearing is used. The main difference between it and the market model is that the bearing is different. What is the upgrade of the high-speed version of the bearing?

1. High-speed bearings increase the speed
2. The noise of high-speed bearings should be small
3. Better materials are used
4. The inner hole accuracy of the bearing is improved by 10 wires

Product material: POM+ High-speed bearing
Product use: 3D printer transmission
Pulley Color: Black, Transparent, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green

Small wheel (outer diameter 15mm) bearing model is 685ZZ high-speed bearing

Big wheel (outer diameter 24mm) bearing model is 625ZZ high-speed bearing