Heat Set Insert Soldering Iron Tip

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Heat Set Insert Soldering Iron Tip M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 Brass Hot Melt Inset Nut Embedded Thread Insertion Kit For Plastic 3d Printing

This product (heat conduction kit) is only suitable for development, proofing, DIY and handicraft products when used with our electric iron.

There is about 1mm error in manual measurement.

Voltage: 110V/220V ~50Hz.

SOLDERING TIPS FOR THREAD INSERTS: The soldering tips make it even easier to retrofit thread inserts into 3D printed parts of 3D printers.

PRACTICAL CHANGE SYSTEM: Due to the thread in the soldering iron adapter, the soldering tips can be changed very easily WITHOUT completely unscrewing the soldering iron.

INSERTION HELP COMPATIBLE for soldering iron heads. Dimensions of the soldering iron adapter can be taken from the drawing.

NO DAMAGE TO 3D PRINTING PART: Due to the ideal geometry of the soldering tips, the 3D printing parts will not be damaged. Common damage without ruthex soldering tips is, for example, damage to the surface around the thread insert.

PRACTICAL THREAD INSERT SET: The soldering iron tip set includes tips for M1.4 / M1.6 / M2 / M2.5 / M3 / M4 / M5 / M6 thread inserts and a soldering iron adapter. The ideal temperature for insertion is 10-15 degrees above the hotend temperature of the 3D printing filament.

Step 01
Screw out the sleeve on the soldering iron, insert the soldering iron connector and fix it onto the soldering iron.

Step 02
Screw the threaded end of the heat transfer head onto the soldering iron connector to fix it

Step 03
Turn on the power. Align the heat transfer head with the inset nuts screw hole and press the Inset nuts into the plastic part.