Hardened Steel Extruder Gear for Bambu P1P X1

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Upgrade Hardened Steel Extruder Gear Assembly for Bambu Lab P1P X1 X1C 3D Printer Nickel Plating Wear-resisting for 1.75mm filament. This upgrade is based on the design philosophy of the Bambu Lab team.

The surface is treated with hard nickel plating, which is wear-resistant and has the effect of rust prevention. The printing effect is better. Hardened steel gears enable the extruder to print engineering filaments such as carbon fiber Nylon filament and glass fiber nylon.

Material: Hardened steel
Suitable for Bambu Lab X1, X1C, P1P

The hardened steel extruder gear component is compatible with the original factory models X1 series and P1P, consisting of transmission gears and driving gears, and can send filaments to the hot end. The handle is made of aluminum alloy processing, and the official handle is made of plastic material. However, if it is worn and replaced after long-term use, it is easy to damage. Upgrading to a metal handle can provide longer working hours and facilitate the replacement of extruded gears. The metal material is more durable and increases its service life.

Bambu Gear Removal Tool

3D printable tools to help you get the gear removed. Free stl model downlad on Maker World. The tool is used to remove the gear while removing the clog in extruder. Below is the instructional video on how to use this printed tool.

Packaging content:
1PCS nickel plated hardened steel gear
1PCS metal handle gear