Ender-3 V3 SE/KE Hotend with Quick-swap Nozzle

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Creality Ender-3 V3 SE/KE Ceramic Heating Block Kit-Quick-swap Nozzle Kit

High Thermal Conductivity Uniform Heating
360 surround ceramic heater improves heating efficiency.
more uniform heating and faster heat transfer.

Efficient Cooling Upgrade for Easy Printing
Heat dissipation part featuring a split design for reduced heat transfer, the red copper heatsink enhances cooling efficiency

High Flow, Supporting High-speed Printing
Enlarged nozzle chamber, achieving a maximum flow rate of up to 32 mm'/sand supporting high-speed printing at 600 mm/s

All-metal integrated Design for Rapid Assembly and Disassembly
The nozzle and heat break adopts an all-meta integrated design, facilitating quick disassembly and convenient replacement

Tight fit, no leakage
Tightly fit joints effectively prevent filament leakage during printing.

Smooth inner walls, no blockage
Inner hole roughness Ra < 0.4, ensuring smooth filament feeding.

Precision machining.impeccable craftsmanship
No burrs at the opening, stable printing with reduced clogging.

Upgraded Material, Suitable for Printing a Variety of Filaments
The heat break is made of titanium alloy, which reduces heat conduction. The nozzle is composed of copper alloy and hardened steel, supporting the printing of various filaments.


Nozzle: 0.4mm*1
Weight: 50g
Support filament diameter: 01.75+0.05mm
Ceramic heating power: 60W
Compatible filaments: PLA,ABS,PETG,TPU,PA,PC,PLA-CF,PA-CF,PET-CF etc

High Flow Printing

300°C High Temperature Resistance
Easy to install

Product Parameter:

Support filament diameter:01.75+0.05mm
Ceramic heating power:60W
Compatible filaments:PLA,ABS,PETG,TPU,PA,PC,PLA-CF,PA-CF,PET-CF etc