E3D V6 Hotend For Voron 0.1/0.2/2.4 Ceramic Heating Core Print Head

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E3D V6 Hotend For Voron 0.1/0.2/2.4 Ceramic Heating Core Print Head Nozzle Thermistor For Prusa V6 Bimetal Throat For 3D Printer

CNC aluminum radiator
Bimetallic throat pipe

Copper plated ceramic heating

Three-hole nozzle
For 3D printers such as VORON 0.1/0.2/2.4/ Prusa , i3, etc

Reduce congestion  Convenient replacement

Thread installation  Excellent heat dissipation

Copper plated ceramics  Faster heating

Three hole nozzle  Extrude evenly

Installation of radiator and bimetallic pipe

Aluminum radiator, titanium alloy+chromium zirconium copper bimetallic throat pipe.with good heat dissipation performance and easier and faster disassembly

High temperature resistant 

ceramic circle ring

Temperature heating fast high temperature resistant

design Can withstand higher printing temperatures

M6 smooth threaded inner hole

Uniform and rapid heating upto

360° loop heating
Ceramic heating ring with built-in copper plated heating loop                                  The ceramic can be heated evenly . Rapid heating Realizes 360 loop heating

All-in-one design                                                                                                              Copper alloy nickelplating
NTC 100K 83950 thermistor

Ceramic heating block Kit 24V

Ceramic ring Heatblock High temperature resistance up to 320°C

360°Loop heatin                                                                                                  Temperature heating fast                                                                                                High  accuracy                                                                                                                      
Easy to replace

Product Size

Heater cartridge line:165mm

Thermistors line :145mm

List of accessories
V6 Bimetal Throat*1                                                                                                      Three hole hardened steel 0.4M nozzle*1                                                                Silicone Case*1                                                                                                              Circular 24V60W ceramic component*1                                                                    120cm Heater Extension Cable*1
120cm Thermistor Extension Cable*1