E3D V6 Heatbreak Heatsink Titanium Bi-Metal Throat for Kingroon KP3S

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E3D V6 Heatbreak Heatsink Titanium Alloy Bi-Metal throat for Kingroon KP3S/KP3S Pro/KP3S Pro S1/KP3S Pro V2/ KP5L

Name:E3D V6 Heatsink and heat break
Material for heatbeak: Titanium Alloy /Bi-Metal
Length of throat: 30mm
Fit for: Kingroon KP3S/KP3S Pro/KP3S Pro S1/KP3S Pro V2/KP5L or other similar size printers

KP3S series dedicated Bimetallic throat
High temperature resistance | Wear resistant | Smooth inner wall

Titanium Alloy Red Copper Throat
Applicable: KP3S series dedicated
Size: 30* 6mm
Weight: 4.9g
Note: The above data are all manually measured, with an error of 0.1-1mm. Please refer to the actual product!

High quality materials, Good thermal insulation

Red copper material, which can quickly dissipate the generated heat and provide good heat dissipation effect.

500°C-450°C High temp
Titanium alloy material, resistant to high temperature, slow thermal conductivity, can maintain a constant heating block temperature, while reducing consumables and causing blockage due to premature expansion.

Smooth feeding, No material leakage
The throat thread is designed with a 45 °chamfer, ensuring smooth feeding and a flat and smooth cross-section of the pipe mouth, which is highly compatible with the mating fittings

Smooth inner wall without burrs
The interior of the product has undergone special processing ,and the inner wall is smooth and free of burrs; Compared to ordinary throat tubes,The resistance of printing retraction is reduced by 90%, resulting in higher precision and finer printing of the finished product.