Dyna Purge Nozzle Cleaning Filament

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3D Clean is a non-chemical, non-abrasive thermoplastic purging/cleaning compound that is safe for both operator and the 3D printer. Designed to remove residual filament and contaminants from 3D printer nozzles. They are typically made from a special compound that has a higher melting temperature than regular filaments. When run through the printer, this cleaning filament helps purge any leftover material and particles, ensuring a clean and smooth flow for the next filament.


3D Clean does the heavy lifting by cleaning that pesky clogged printer nozzle and performing routine maintenance (recommended minimum every 3 months or 0.5kg of material, whichever comes first).


Removes residue from PLA, PETG, ABS and other filaments by adhering to byproduct and debris left behind in the extruder, resulting in smoother, more accurate models.
PREVENTS COLOR BLEED when switching between colors and materials. Stop contaminating your valuable filaments and ruining prints! Just run a couple of inches of 3D Clean through your printer and you're ready to transition.

Every package includes 50 sticks in a sealed plastic tube with easy-to-remove rubber end caps.

PREVENTS COLOR BLEED when switching between colors and materials, eliminates contaminations.
NOTE: Effectively clears out filled materials such as carbonfiber and wood filled filaments.

1.Set the temperature to 230'C or to the extrusion temperature of the filament you're purging, whichever is higher.
2.Once it's hot, insert 3D Clean™  into the extruder and extrude3D Clean through your hot end using your 3D printer's controls or by using firm, steady pressure.
3.Insert the new printing filament and extrude it until you visually confirm that the
material flowing from the nozzle is clean.