Creality Filament Dryer Box 2.0

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Creality Filament Dryer Box Pro for 3D Printer filament, Upgraded Filament Dry Box 2.0 3D Filament Storages keeping filaments Dry During Printing


  1. Adjustable temperature 45℃-65℃: Suitable for PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, TPU, PP, PC, PA, Nylon, Nylon-CF and others.
  2. Real-time Monitoring: Real-time humidity monitoring and drying hours are displayed via a countdown timer, allowing you to track drying conditions.
  3. Drying time setting 0-24h: The heating time can be set freely from 0 to 24hours to dry the filaments fully.
  4. 360° hot-air heating: The drying box can be heated quickly, and the built-in fan can carry out 360° hot air circulation in the chamber to heat evenly.
  5. Improvement of Print Quality: After drying, it can effectively solve the problemsof drawing, clogging, and poor adhesion of the filaments during printing and improve print quality.
  6. Compatible with Multiple Diameter Filaments: 1.75mm or 2.85mm

Easy to Use
1、Load the filament
2、Pass the filament through a hole and cover the lid
3、Connect to a power supply
4、Power onand set the appropriate temperature & time

Recommended drying time & temp for filaments
Filaments Temp Drying Time
PLA 50℃ ≥4h
TPU 55℃ ≥4h
PP 55℃ ≥6h
ABS 60℃ ≥2h
ASA 60℃ ≥4h
PETG 65℃ ≥2h
PC 65℃ ≥8h
PA 65℃ ≥12h

Product Parameters

Product name: Creality filament dry box 2.0
Model: DB-02
Product size:237x266x99mm
Net weight:1060g
Product color: transparent, black
Input voltage:
US 110V 50/60H
GB/UK/EUR/220V 50/60HZ
Rated power: 145W
Temperature control range: 45C-65C
Heating duration:0-24 hours
Filament diameter:1.75mm/2.85mm