Carbon Fiber PLA, 1KG Spool(2.2lbs)

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This Carbon Fiber PLA(Polylactic Acid, Carbon Fiber) contains premium carbon fiber, which endows the filament with high stiffness and strength less to be deformed under the same force of impact compared with Common PLA.

PLA-CF Printing Tips

  1. It's necessery to use an all-metal hot end when printing with carbon firber filaments. Micro Swiss offers an all-metal hot end, but alternatives like those from E3D or Slice Engineering are also viable options.
  2. It's essential to upgrade the nozzle as well. The brass or the plated copper nozzles are not suitable for abrasive materials. Instead, options like hardened steel, ruby-tipped, Creality Unicorn Tri-Metal nozzle or Nozzle X from E3D are recommended for printing with abrasives. 

The market has increased prevalence of enclosed consumer-grade 3D printers equipped with hardened extruders and nozzles capable of handling such materials, such as Creality K1C, Bambu X1, X1C, etc

* Based on the 0.4mm nozzle and Simplify 3D V4.0.
Nozzle temperature 190-220℃
Build surface material Glass, Blue Tape
Build surface treatment Glue
Build plate temperature 30-60°C
Cooling fan ON
Printing speed 30-70 (mm/s)
Raft separation distance 0.2 (mm)
Retraction distance 3 (mm)
Retraction speed 40 (mm/s)
Environmental temperature Room temp 45°C
Threshold overhang angle 45°

Package includes:

Black 1 KG Carbon Fiber PLA * 1 Roll