Blue / Purple Glitter Multicolors Filament

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Luxy mirror chrome powder fill pure pla, blue / purple throw luster, color change from different angle, the shiny side is top ,bigger layer height better result. Perfect for Arts, Crafts, DIY, Many Different 3D Print Projects. Compliant for FDM 3d printers like ender3, mega.

The glitter created by the unique surface suspension technology has a strong flicker effect and covers the surface evenly. The glitter is only as small as 0.020mm, but the particle size commonly used in the market is larger than 0.1-0.2mm. Our filament has very little chance of blocking the nozzle.

Printing Tips: Recommend heat bed 50-60 ℃, Recommend printing temperature: 195-220 ℃, To avoid tangling, insert filament into spool holes to fix after each use, don't intend to bend the filament when you do this Find out that the filament breaks while printing. Contact us. We give support to show how you can improve and avoid it.

Better flow, no clogging premium 1.75mm PLA filament. It has a constant diameter and a uniform roundness, fewer threads and warps, and strong layer adhesion. Item-free and free from contamination. No contamination, no clogging, vacuum packing with zipper bag, net weight 1kg / spool.

There are two formulation colors appear alternately, and the transition color between them, the silk and galaxy individually and the mixing transition silk galaxy, smooth surface and shiny stars twinkle.

Brand : Strong hero
Material:  Polylactic Acid
Color: Pla Mirror Chrome Chameleon
Item Diameter: 1.75 Millimeters