Black PLA+ Filament, 3KG (6.6 lbs) Per Roll

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Color: Black
Item Weight: 3KG
Item Diameter: 1.75mm
【5 Times Higher Toughness than PLA】 PLA+ has greater impact resistance and rigidity, making it difficult to break.The good stiffness toughness ratio satisfies your needs for printing functional parts with greater toughness while significantly raising the standard of routine printing.
【No Hassle Printing Performance】These 1.75 mm diameter PLA filaments have dimensional precision +/- 0.28 mm thanks to the superior diameter measurement technology used in manufacture.
【No Tangling and Clogging】Completely mechanical winding, meticulous manual inspection, precise winding and no overlapping or tangling. 
【Multipurpose Use】Thanks to its unique properties, it has excellent printability and higher layer adhesion than ordinary PLA filament. While maintaining all the benefits of PLA, including its ease of printing, low shrinkage, and great printing precision.
Contents [g] Width [mm] Outer diameter [mm] Inner diameter [mm] Weight empty spool[g]
1000 65 200 55 147
2000 117 250 55 390
3000 117 250 55 450
5000 160 300 32 849