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BTT Panda Touch is a 5'' touchscreen developed by BIGTREE Technology Co., LTD., It offers a beautiful UI with convenient features and can be used as an alternative or a replacement screen for the Bambu P1P and Bambu P1S. It also interfaces with the X1 and A1 series and supports group printing and control for up to 10 Bambu Labs printers.

The Panda Touch is currently compatible with all Bambu Lab printer firmware versions up until:
- P1P --> v01.05.02.00
- P1S --> v01.05.02.00
- X1C --> v01.07.02.00
- A1 --> v01.01.01.00
- A1 Mini --> v01.01.03.00

It is possible that Bambu Lab may release a future firmware version which impacts the functions available from the Panda Touch. BIGTREETECH will monitor all beta firmware versions and if we find a firmware version that affects Panda Touch functionality we will send out an alert via email, Aliexpress chat and our social channels. Buyers can then decide whether or not they would like to perform the update at the risk of losing functionality. Note that the Panda Touch warranty does not cover lost functionality due to a Bambu Lab firmware update being performed.

Panda Touch advantage:

Plug & Play: Unbox and start creating effortlessly.

Customized UX&UI System: Experience a touch interface that mirrors the original factory interaction.

5-inch Touch Screen: A sleek and responsive display for intuitive control.

WiFi Connectivity: Wireless Connection for convenience and flexibility.

Multiple Printer Control: Control multiple 3D printers simultaneously.

Magnetic Charging: Equipped with a built-in lithium battery, it can be effortlessly charged through the magnetic base, allowing for portable use.

MCU:Xtensa 32-bit dual-core LX7 ESP32S3R8 up to 240MHZ clock speed 

Memory: SIP PSRAM-8MB, SIP Flash-16mb

Display Size: 5''

Resolution: 800x480

Viewing Angle: IPS Full View

Display Colors:16.7M

Communication: 2.4G WI-FI(IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)

Operating Temperature: 0-70°c

Operating Current: 5V0.5A(Peak 0.7A)

Logic Voltage: 3.3v

Built-in Battery: Alows Panda Touch portable use for up to 0.5 hours.

Charging Time:1.2 hours

Expansion: I2C(For DIY connection of temperature/humidity sensors, etc);USB Drive (For reading USB drives)


Plug and Play
Streamlined Start-Up
After installation and connecting to power, complete a few quick configurations
on the Panda Touch to experience more convenient and intuitive operation

Damage-free installation will not void the machine warranty.
Powered through the USB port on the printer.
Start controlling the printer.

Intuitive Custom Ux& UI
On a 5" lPS Touchscreen
Tap, swipe, and effortlessly adjust temperatures, speeds, homing, etcEnjoy the ease of using a familiar interface with even more.

Go Wireless. Go Portable
WiFi Connectivity & Built-In Battery
With 2.4G WiFi, you've got easy wireless control within your workspace to make things ultra flexible and simple. Plus, the lithium battery has 30 minutes of uninterrupted battery life, giving you the option to manage prints from
wherever - no strings attached!

*Note: Please ensure that the Panda Touch and the printers are both connected to the same WiFi network,
Magnetic Charging
The Panda Touch includes a magnetic charging dock, the Panda Touch USB Dock custom-made for the P1 series printer.This design ensures a damage-free installation while preserving the machine's warranty.
*Extra Panda Touch USB Docks are also available for separate purchase.

AMS Management Made Easy
With Panda Touch, you can easily browse the colors and types of filament loaded into the AMS. You can also set the type and color of filament that is loaded into any slot in the same way that you can on the X1C interface. Enjoy straightforward
and effective management of your AMS units.

Multi-Printer Management
Ultimate Command center
to seamlessly manage up to 10 printers at the same time.Empowers youRunning a 3D Print Farm has never been easier.

USB Drive, Plug-N-Print
Print 3D models with ease by plugging aUSB drive into Panda Touch. You can also print directly from the printer's memory card.

Pandas love Bamboo
Fully compatible with Bambu Lab X1, P1, and A1 series printers.

Privacy First
Secure Operation ón LAN
Panda Touch operates entirely within a local area network (LAN), eliminating the need for an additional internet connection and safeguarding your data privacy.

Over-the-Air Update
Your Panda Touch is Constantly Improving Drag and drop updates via a clean and simple web user interface.

Technical Specifications
Product Name:Panda Touch
MCU: Xtensa 32-bit LX7 dual-coreESP32S3R8, up to 240MHZ
Screen Size:5''
Display:Full-view lPs with 16.7M colors
Operating Temperature Range:0-60℃℃
Logic Voltage:3.3V
Charging Time:1.2 hours
Compatibility:For Bambu Lab X1, p1. and A1 seriesprinters
Memory:PSRAM-8MB, FIash-16MB
Communication:2.4G Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
Operating Current:5V 0.5A (peak 0.7A)
Battery Life:Enables Panda Touch portable use for up to 0.5 hours.
Expansion Interface;I²C for temperature/humidity sensors, etc.(compatible accessories will soon be available); USB Drive (For reading USB drives)2C for temperature/humidity sensors, etc.(compatible accessories will soon be available); USB Drive (For reading USB drives)

What's in the Box?
User Manual x1
Panda Touch x1
Magnetic charging Dock x 1
M3x6 Flat HeadCountersunk Screw(FHCS)x 4
Mounting Bracket x 1
UsB-C Charging Cable x 1
Package Box x 1
Hex Key x1
BTT Duck x 1

All images are for illustrative purposes only and should be used as a reference. Please refer to the actual product, as product updates may cause slight differences between the actual product and the illustrations.

When using "'LAN Only" mode, firmware versions below V1.05.01.00 on the PiP/s will only allow either the Panda Touch or Bambu Studio to connect to the printer at one time. Firmware versions above that will allow both connections simultaneouslyWhen using "cloud" mode, firmware versions below V1.05.01.00 on the PiP/S will allow both Bambu Studio and the Panda Touch to connect simultaneously. However, they will not allow a third device such as Home Assistant to connect, Firmware versions above that will allow all three simultaneous connections.

When running on its built-in lithium battery, the Panda Touch has a battery life of only 0.5 hours.To maintain the battery and extend the lifespan of the product, it is advised to charge the PandaTouch immediately or turn it off as soon as the battery runs out.

The screen may flicker when the lithium battery is low on power. This flickering is normal and acts as a warning to users that the battery is almost empty. Users should then promptly charge the battery or turn off the Panda Touch.

lf you plan to turn your printer on and off frequently then we recommend running the Panda Touch on USB direct mode. This bypasses the battery and prevents the battery from being taken through many cycles.If you want to run off the battery then simply flick the switch on the back of the Panda Touch to the battery power mode.

MicroSD card and USB drive file can currently only  be read from the root directory and will only be recognized when models are sliced in Build Plate #1in Bambu Studio.

Please check the firmware listing at the top of this product listing to ensure that your printer firmware is compatible with the Panda Touch.Updating printer firmware to an incompatible version that may limit the functionality of the Panda Touch is not covered under the Warranty.