BIGTREETECH KNOMI V2.0 Klipper Stealthburner

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BIGTREETECH KNOMI V2.0 for Klipper Voron Stealthburner 3D Printer Display Screen DIY Parts Open Source Show printer's operation

Klipper & TREE TECH
The cooperation between KLlPPER and BlGTREETECH makes firmware for 3D printing enthusiasts more convenient to use and helps to further enhance the printing experience. BIGTREETECH is committed to establishing a complete 3D printing ecosystem, striving to bring more possibilities to the 3D printing industry and pushing the technological advancement of 3D printers to make3D printers faster, better, and easier.

Which KNoMl is right for you ?
See Your ProgressReal-time status display.

Touch, View, CreateTouchscreen control +real-time status display.

Made for Klipper
Designed specifically for Klipper printers, KNOMl series not only shows real-time status, but also adds intuitive touch controls for effort less interaction.

*KNOMl 1 displays status; KNOMl 2 displays status and incorporates touch controls for printer management.

Command Your Print with a Touch
Leverage the intuitive touch controls of KNOMl 2 to effortlessly
upgrade your Voron StealthBurner into a dynamic control panel

Extruding and Retracting Filament
Select Model
and Begin Printing
Nozzle/Heated Bed
Temperature Settings
Extruding and Retracting Filament
Select Model and Begin Printing
Nozzle/Heated BedTemperature settings

Refreshed and Upgraded Ul
Progressing from KNOMl 1, KNOMl 2 features an improved.
aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly Ul.

Colorful KNOMl Ul to MatchYour Voron
KNOMl 2's customizable Ul presents a distinctive control interface that harmonizes with your Voron printer's unique style.

Customized Voron Stealth Burner Printed Part
Effortlessly install KNOMl into your Voron Stealth burner using our customized mounting printed part files. Our specially designed Stealth Burner main body retains the original fan position and incorporates additional vents on the top for enhanced compatibility and optimized heat dissipation.

Wind Speed

Using the original version without KNOMI
Using our customized printed parts with KNOM!

Acoustic Energy LevelAcoustic Energy Level

Using our customized printed parts with KNOM!
Using the original version without KNOM!

*We conducted a comparative analysis measuring wind speed and acoustic energy levels between the original StealthBurner and our customized version featuring vents and KNOMadd-on. The results showed that both versions performed similarly, indicating that addingKNOMl will not compromise the performance of the StealthBurner.

Support OTA Firmware Updates
Your KNOMl is constantly improving

More StableWireless Connectivity
Comes with an external WiFi antenna, providing a stronger and more stable wireless connection.

Make lt Your Own with open Source
KNOMl is open source, allowing you to easily customize and adapt it to your 3D printer using the supplied 3D model files, while also enabling you to personalize the user interface to suit your preferences for a distinctive 3D printing experience.

Expandable loT Capabilities
Allows for connecting external modules such as cameras(OV2640)button modules, temperature and humidity sensors(BME280), and wireless charging battery modules for more DlY exploration.

————“with credits to Omranello and D3vil-Design“


The BIGTREETECH Knomi V2.0 screen is a screen developed by the 3D printing team of Shenzhen Biqu Technology Co., Ltd. for printer nozzle display. Support for touch, making it convenient for customers to perform machine control operations.

Main Features

Display Size 1.28inches
Display Area 32.4(H)mm x 32.4(V)mm
Resolution 240RGB x 240dots
Viewing Angle 178°
Backlight Brightness 400Cd/m2
Backlight Lifespan >20,000hours
Chip >GC9A01
                                       Power Supply
Input DC 5V 1A
Logic Voltage DC 3.3V
Rated Power 5W
                              Communication & Memory
Communication ESP32-WIFI 802.11 b/g/n (802.11n, up to 150 Mbps), operating center frequency range: 2412 - 2484 MHz
Screen Communication SPI
Wireless Connectivity             Onboard 2.4GHz Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) SoC IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth 5 (LE)
Flash 16MB
                           Operating & Storage Conditions
Firmware Support Klipper
Operating Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to 80°C