Bambu X1/P1 Nozzle Wiper * 3pcs

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The nozzle wiper is used to clean the waste material that overflows from the printer nozzle. It consists of PP elastic structure, polytetrafluoroethylene tube, and locking screws.

When to replace Bambu nozzle wiper?

When the PP elastic structure undergoes plastic deformation or fracture, it is necessary to replace the nozzle wiper. When the polytetrafluoroethylene pipe becomes loose and rotates, please tighten the screws to ensure that the polytetrafluoroethylene pipe cannot rotate (be careful not to over tighten as it may cause slipping). If slipping occurs, replace the nozzle assembly.

Visit the official website for specific installation steps (Search keyword query); If you have any questions, please consult customer service.

Tools and materials needed
nozzle wiper
H2.0 Allen key

Safety warning and Machine state before staring operation

Power off the printer


Bambu X1-Carbon, X1-Carbon Combo, P1P, P1S

Nozzle Wiper * 3pcs