Bambu Lab Instant Noodle Timer

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This is a noodle timer device that utilizes the gravitational potential energy of noodles to generate kinetic energy for operation. At the end of three minutes, the timing mechanism of the device activates, producing a bell sound to alert the user that the noodles are ready.

Children should use this under adult supervision and maintain a safe distance of at least 50 centimeters from the body!!!

Note: This model is quite complex and requires strong manual skills.

Please strictly adhere to the 3MF parameters and bed leveling for printing, using PETG material. Also, prepare a 2-2.1mm hole enlarger (hand drill + drill bit) to ensure smooth rotation of gears on the shaft.

Please carefully refer to the assembly instructions when assembling. Install the hardware components in the corresponding positions according to the specifications. Thank you for your attention!
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Bill of Materials (non-printed parts) 
M2*6 Self Tapping Screw 6pcs 
M2*8 Self Tapping Screw 40pcs 
M2*12 Self Tapping Screw 19pcs 
D2*L6 Dowel Pin (Knurled) 6pcs 
D2*L10 Dowel Pin (Knurled) 2pcs 
D2*L16 Dowel Pin (Knurled) 3pcs 
D2*L22 Dowel Pin (Knurled) 9pcs 
D2*L30 Dowel Pin (Knurled) 5pcs 
D2*L50 Dowel Pin (Knurled) 2pcs 
D3*L6 Dowel Pin (Knurled) 10pcs 
D4*h2 Magnet 12pcs