BEN2C Bambu Lab 8 Channel Circular Flow Cooling Fan Duct

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BEN2C Bambu Lab 8 Channel Circular FLow Cooling Fan Duct Upgrades Accessories for X1 X1c X1cc P1P P1S 3D Printer Fittings

The carefully designed Ben2c fan ducts
generate a tornado-liked air flow to eliminate all cooling blind spots and maximize the flow cooling efficiency whereas the eye of the tornado flow creates a high-speed flow free zone to minimize the cooling effect caused by the bypass flow to the nozzle, avoiding any low temperature nozzle clogging.With correct slicer settings,this fun duct is able to facilitate your prints achieve up to 80-85°overhang angle with no support structure needed.

The main function of the air duct is to solve the problem of heat dissipation dead angle and fan noise. The original air duct is to blow heat dissipation, and there is a dead angle of heat dissipation. In addition, the original air duct has low heat dissipation efficiency and requires auxiliary heat dissipation, so the noise is very loud. After replacing the new air duct, auxiliary heat dissipation is no longer needed, and 70-80% of the power of the main heat dissipation fan is enough in most cases. So the noise will drop by more than 10 points. Moreover, after replacing the air duct, due to the high heat dissipation efficiency, the printing temperature needs to be increased by 10-20 degrees, PLA220-235,PETG270-280. Therefore, the surface of the printed model will be smoother and the model strength will be higher. To print a high-strength model, 2-3 layers are enough after 4-5 layers of walls. Save a lot of time and materials. At the same time, a larger angle of the overhang structure can be printed, saving a lot of time and material wasted on printing the support structure. These are partial summaries of the benefits of installing an air duct. But these effects and advantages vary depending on the printed model. Some are obvious, some are not obvious. For example, if you play a square model, the effect of the air duct is not obvious because the model has no overhanging structure. But other models with a large number of suspended structures, the effect of the air duct is obvious.

Precautions for use

For the vast majority of common models, it is good to use the default settings. In case of more complicated and difficult to print, there is a special case tutorial in the USB flash drive attached to the kit. After reading it, you will know how to solve it in a targeted way.

Do you need to change the slicer parameter?

Because the melting point of different materials is different, when it reaches 50 degrees up, the staggered distance between the material layers becomes larger. Wind cooling effect
If the rate is too high, the material will stick to the nozzle and then roll it up to form the result you see. Therefore, heating and printing will do to reduce the adhesion of materials to the nozzle.

Material: PA12, High Strength Nylon
Compatible for: Bambu lab P1P P1S, X1 Series.