ACMER P1 10W Laser Engraver Cutting Machine

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Enhance Accuracy to The Utmost
P1 adopts an industry-leading four-wheel mechanical structural design, which offers superior durability and more stable performance compared to a three-wheel design. This design ensures the most precise movement
0.01mm movement accuracy

Large Working Area
The actual working area size of 400*410mm, enough for your various creative designs.

High Quality Steel Material
Robust exterior design, featuring a large area of high-quality steel material for stable engraving.

Safeguarded from damage caused by bending, abrasion. The design of a flexible drag chain incorporates elements such as individual links that interlock with each other, allowing for smooth and controlled movement while maintaining cable integrity.

Only take 3 steps to adjust the focus in 5 seconds.
1. Pull down the focus lever.
2. Lower the laser module to make the focus lever touch the material surface.
3. Recover the focus lever.

Convenient & Precise Focusing
By adjusting the focus knob, you can conveniently control the vertical height of the laser module, thereby precisely controlling the laser focal length, resulting in a more concentrated laser power and better engraving or cutting effects.

Using innovative dual-laser convergence technology two laser beams are combined into a precise beam resulting in a more focused ability.The ACMER P110W compressed beam offers higher power, greater cutting capability ,faster speed, and better results at the same electrical power.

Precise Replication of Details Photo-Quality Experience.
Movement Speed
Movement Accuracy

Compressed Spot Technology Advanced technology enables the spot narrow down to 0.06mm, and get much cleaner, thinner, smoother, deeper cuts.
EXCELLENT CUTTING ABILITYFine spot, laser energy output is more concentrated and cutting performance is more excellent.Paulownia wood 30mmAcrylic 25mmMDF 12mm High-performance ESP32 MCU
optimized motion algorithms,Combining high-performance chips with the maximum speed can reach 10,000mm/min.

Your Safety is Important
When your desktop unexpectedly undergoes intense vibrations or tilts, there's no need to worry! Equipped with an integrated horizontal gyroscope, the ACMER P1 10W detects everything with exceptional precision. Once the tilt angle exceeds
15°, it intelligently and swiftly stops laser output, ensuring your well-being remains intact. 

More Details and Features
Safety is of utmost importance to ACMER P1, which is why it comes with additional features such as a child safety lock and an emergency stop button. In terms of user-friendliness, P1 supports wireless connectivity to the engraving machine through an app via Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you can also use a TF card to load your designs and instructions for the machine to execute.

Accessories Ecosystem 
Supports optional accessories such as M2 Rotary Roller, honeycomb bed, R10 Enclosure Box, C4 air assist pump, and a range of other accessories.

Compatible with industry-leading laser engraving software LightBurn, as well as outstanding open-source software LaserGRBL. Supports Windows/Linux/Mac operating systems. SupportsJPG/PNG/BMP/DXF/NC and other vector and bitmap formats