60W/70W High-Temp Cartridge Heater (3PCS Pack)

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Input Voltage

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6*20mm 420℃-470℃ high-temp cartridge heater for 3D printers. Optional for both 12V and 24V input voltage. 60W / 70W power for printing high-temp filaments, like Nylon.


1. Up to 420℃ (60W) / 470℃ (70W) high temperature heating

2. Wide 3D printer compatibility including Creality CR-10, Ender 3 V2, CR10, etc


Heater Size: 6*20mm

Cable Length: 1000mm

Input Voltage: 12V / 24V

Rated Power: 60W / 70W

Max Heating Temp: 420℃ / 470℃

Package Includes:

Cartridge heater * 3pcs