42-60 Stepper Motor

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42-60 Stepper Motor Specs
Rated voltage    DC 3.2V
Rated current
 DC 2.0A
Step angle   1.8°±0.09°
Phase number    2
Winding DC resistance(25°C)    1.6x(1±10%)Ω
Winding inductance    3.6x(1+20%)mH
Maintain torque (Two phases are energized simultaneously)    =700mN.m
Maximum no-load starting frequency    21500 PPS
  Maximum no-load operating frequency    22500 PPS
Insulation resistance    =100MΩ (DC 500V)
Insulation level    Grade B
Electrical strength   AC 600V/1mA/1S
Quality    0.47Kg/pcs REF
Weight    505.3g


Package includes:

42-60 Stepper Motor * 1PCS + Motor Cable * 1PCS

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