Stainless Steel Resin Filter Funnel

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This filter funnel can effectively filter the agglomeration and pollutants in the printing resin liquid, and recover the SLA/DLP/LCD photosensitive resin into the resin bottle for the next printing use.

1. Made of 100% Food grade durable 304 stainless steel, with 15 mm width bottleneck, fit for most bottles, jars, and other containers.
2. With a removable Food grade stainless steel strainer, effectively filters the contaminants while the resin is poured into the bottle.
3. Stainless steel funnel is easier to clean than other materials. After filtering, wipe with a paper towel, then wash with isopropyl alcohol/alcohol/soap water with a cleaning brush.
4. This stainless steel filter is not only for filtering the resin of the printers but for any non-aggressive technical product.

1. You need to wear gloves during filtration and cleaning to avoid direct skin contact with resin.
2. If you have used the funnel for resin filtration, do not use it for other food filtration to avoid danger.

Package includes:
Resin Filter Funnel * 1PCS
Removable Filter * 1PCS
Cleaning Brush * 1PCS

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