3D Printed Articulated Axolotl

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3D Printed Simulated Salamander Articulated Model Toy Ornament for Aquarium Decoration Diorama Prop Action Figure. These cute 3D printed axolotl toys are printed with  PLA, which means every print is unique!


1. Product name : Simulation Animal

2. Material : PLA

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: 3D printed, articulated products are NOT suited for young children (ages 3 and under), as there is a risk of articulated pieces breaking off and presenting a choking hazard. Hyperactive Solutions is not responsible for any damages caused by improper use of the item.

This product is made by 3D printing, and due to material and humidity factors, there may be surface roughness; please consider before purchasing. The actual length is 18 centimeters, the color is the natural color of the material, it can be placed in water without color fading. The material used is eco-friendly food-grade material polylactic acid (PLA, color can be customized), suitable for use as toys, ornaments, action figures, etc. For other customization options, please consult customer service.