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The Force of 3D Printing: Star Wars Day Prints

star wars 3d prints

In a galaxy not so far away, Star Wars fans around the world unite on May the 4th to celebrate their love for the iconic franchise. And what better way to commemorate this special day than by diving into the world of 3D printing with a touch of magic and chameleon-like effects from Ean filaments? Join me, Jeremy, as I showcase some of the most mesmerizing 3D prints that you can easily create at home, adding a spark of Star Wars charm to your collection.

Yoda: The Wise Jedi Master

Behold, a majestic rendition of Yoda, the iconic Jedi Master, brought to life with a blend of standard black and red filaments infused with Ean's ePLA chameleon and magic filaments. The sparkly, shimmery effect adds depth and dimension to Yoda's green hues, elevating this print to a whole new level of brilliance.

 Who designed it?  Glitchine3dPrinting
Where to find?  Makerworld
Is it free or paid? FREE


Lightsaber: A Weapon of the Jedi

No Star Wars celebration is complete without a lightsaber! Explore a model of a print-in-place lightsaber, featuring the mesmerizing tones of Ean's epla chameleon filament. With its extendable design and customizable hilt, this lightsaber print exudes authenticity and charm fit for a true Jedi Knight.

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 Who designed it?  3D Printing World 
Where to find?  Printables
Is it free or paid? FREE


Print-and-Place Yoda and Clone Trooper


Witness the charm of print-and-place models with Yoda and a Clone Trooper, both adorned with the enchanting hues of Ean's epla magic and chameleon filaments. The seamless prints, free from supports, showcase the intricate details and color shifts that make these characters truly come to life.

Who designed it?  FotisMint
Where to find?  Thangs
Is it free or paid? FREE

Who designed it?  DRUMS4EVER
Where to find?  cults3d
Is it free or paid? FREE


Suspended Millennium Falcon: A Marvel in Space


Prepare to be amazed by the suspended Millennium Falcon, elegantly hanging in space with strands of filament. Printed using Ean's epla chameleon filament, this masterpiece captures the essence of the iconic starship with its shimmering colors and intricate details, truly a sight to behold.


Illuminated Star Wars Model

Experience the magic of an illuminated Star Wars model, enhanced with LED lights for a mesmerizing display. Featuring a dark purple base with sparkly effects from Ean's filaments, this model offers a customizable lighting experience, adding a touch of brilliance to your Star Wars collection.

Who designed it?  fay3dlab
Where to find?  Makerworld
Is it free or paid? FREE


Embrace the Force of 3D PrintingThis is your heading text.

As you immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Star Wars through 3D printing, remember that these creations are not just objects but tributes to a beloved saga. Whether you keep them for yourself or share them with fellow fans, each print carries the spirit of Star Wars and the creativity of its makers.

May the Force be with you as you embark on your own 3D printing adventures, fueled by the magic of Ean filaments. And remember, the galaxy is yours to explore, one filament at a time.


Absolutely! These models are designed to be print-friendly, free from supports, making them ideal for beginners to dive into the world of 3D printing with ease.

You can find all the links to these mesmerizing models in the description of the video or blog post, allowing you to embark on your own 3D printing journey.

Adding LED lights to the models is designed to be user-friendly, requiring basic equipment like LED strips and a remote control for a customizable lighting experience.

Certainly! Feel free to explore various filaments to personalize the colors and effects of your 3D prints, adding a unique touch to your Star Wars collection.

The love for Star Wars, creativity in 3D printing, and the enchanting effects of Ean filaments came together to bring these captivating models to life, celebrating the spirit of the iconic franchise on May the 4th.