Printable Upgrades for Bambu Lab A1 Mini 3d Printer

Printable Upgrades for Bambu Lab A1 Mini 3d Printer

The Bambu Lab A1 Mini, a compact caliv-style 3D printer that was released alongside a new material station called the AMS light. I wanted to showcase the modifications I've installed. Additionally, I'll explore other mods for the AMS light, some of which provide quality of life improvements with simple parts.

A1 Mini Poop Management Bin

The PMS, or the Poop Management System created by Through the Frame for the A1 Mini AMS Light addresses the issue of filament purging during print starts or color changes, preventing a potential mess in the work area.

Other accessories you need:

  1. Ø6x3 magnets - 8pcs
  2. 1mm VHB tape (10x20mm) - 4pcs
  3. Thin double-sided tape

The bin version comprises top and bottom parts glued together, featuring two docking brackets attached to the printer with VHB tape. The bin connects to these brackets using magnets, ensuring easy detachment when full for convenient emptying and reattachment.

Minimal Handle And Spool Holder

The A1 Mini in standard form comes equipped with a spool holder that is mounted on the back. This holder is approximately 19.5 inches in depth from the mounting point to the back. With the filament holder in vertical way, you could have a more compact desk space.

The design is a remix of the handle (by LwFactory) and a spool holder (by brokean) with added tubing mount. Holder was increased in its size and made as assembly with primitives, so it can be adjusted directly in BambuStudio (rotate by 45° to edit it more comfortable).

Free 3D model stl design from andre. bar, availalbe on Makerworld.

bambu a1 mini upgrades

A1 AMS Lite Vertical Holder

If you bought Bambu A1 Mini with the AMS lite, it occupies more space on your table. The physical footprint of A1 Mini alone is 15 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 17 inches high. When you include the AMS lite, the overall footprint increases to 25 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 18 inches high. In comparison, the X1 Carbon footprint is 15 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 28 inches high. So, it takes 40% less footprint, but it has a 65% larger print. Additionally, because the A1 and the AMS lite are connected by tubing and electrical cord, it's a major hassle to move the units around without disconnecting them from each other.

The space saving design offers a simple functional solution to be able to place AMS Lite on the top of Z axis.
Free 3D model stl design from @A4 available to download on MakerWorld.

Build Plate Holder For All Bambu Printers

The Build Plate Stand designed to vertically store up to 6pcs of spare build plates. The holder have sizes of all Bambu Lab printer models, including A1 Mini. 

3D model design from @PrinttX, available on Printables.

Printable Upgrades for Bambu Lab A1 Mini

Bambu Lab A1 Mini Enclosure

Give the Bambu Lab A1 Mini a housing that is perfectly matched to its size.
Check this open source A1 Mini enslosure design from Fabian Haensch on Printables. The side panel provides a convenient guide for the Bowden tubes, while the magnetic door is easy to attach and remove. The panels can be laser cut from 3mm acrylic sheets. I strongly recommend plexiglass XT.

This enclosure can support the AMS lite next to the printer with the default bowdentubes. A big poop-tray can also be fit within the case.

Printable Upgrades for Bambu Lab A1 Mini

Z Axis Handle

The Handle modification replaces the top cap on the Z Tower with a handle. This addition facilitates easy movement of the printer, especially when transitioning between locations. The user mentions transporting the printer between the studio and the garage several times. While grabbing it from the tower itself is manageable, having a secure handle enhances grip and reduces the risk of accidental slips. This modification proves beneficial for those handling the AMS Light 3D printer, offering added convenience during relocation.

PTFE / Cable Clip for A1 Mini without AMS Lite

For users not utilizing the AMS Light with this printer, there are also small clips available to print on Printables designed by @schiko. These clips serve to connect the PTFE tube and the tool head wiring, contributing to a cleaner and more organized setup.

PTFE / Cable Clip for Bambu Lab A1 mini upgrade

Spool Adapter for AMS Lite

Regarding the Spools modification, the user expresses appreciation for the AMS Light's compatibility with cardboard spools, highlighting its effective grip and filament spinning from the center. The spool holders of the AMS Lite can only support spools with the inner diameter of 53-60mm. Some larger center diameter, like Sunlu spools, the AMS Light cannot grip. Fortunately, there are reusable spool adapters for AMS Lite. 

  • Bambu Lab filament, spool inner diameter: 55 mm
  • Overture, spool inner diameter: 55 mm
  • Polymaker, spool inner diameter: 55 mm
  • eSun, spool inner diameter: 54 mm
  • SUNLU, spool inner diameter: 70mm
  • Kingroon filament, spool inner diameter 60mm (2.36in)

In a previous review of the A1 Mini, the user noted that having both the machine and the AMS Light on the desk takes up a significant amount of space. There are several options for wall mounting and even mounts for SCAD-style Pig boards are already available. While space hasn't been an issue for the user, they recommend those with space concerns to explore existing models that might suit their setup. 

Hardened Steel Nozzle

Unlike the Bambu P1 series, the A1 Mini comes from the factory with hardened extruder gears. You only need hardened steel hotends for printing with materials like Nylon carbon fiber filament.

The installation of the new hot end is a simple process, requiring correct alignment and pushing it up into the tool head. After closing the door, snapping the latch back in place, and covering it with the silicone sock, the printer is ready to use with abrasive materials, eliminating concerns about quickly ruining the hotend.

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