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Is It Safe to Connect My 3D Printers to Wifi?

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MFor all Wi-Fi-enabled 3D printers, it's crucial to consider security measures to ensure safe operation. These printers offer convenient connectivity for remote management and monitoring, which can enhance workflow efficiency. However, it's essential to note that many of these printers might not come with default authentication settings enabled. Therefore, it's highly recommended to take proactive steps to secure your device.

Anycubic 3D Printers Were Hacked Worldwide

MIn the end of Feb, 2024, Anycubic was the subject of a massive security breach that poses a significant risk to users with their 3D printers connected to the internet.

While specific details may vary, such breaches typically involve vulnerabilities in the printer's firmware or software, allowing unauthorized access or control over the device.

In such cases, hackers or malicious actors may exploit these vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive information, manipulate printing processes, or even cause physical harm by tampering with the printer's operation. The breach may also involve the theft of intellectual property, such as design files or proprietary software.

Anycubic and relevant authorities are likely investigating the breach to identify its root cause and mitigate the associated risks. In response, users are advised to take immediate action to secure their devices, such as disconnecting them from the internet, updating firmware and software, and implementing robust security measures like strong passwords and network isolation.

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Message left on hacked Anycubic 3D printers

What Kind of Damage Can be Done from Someone Having Access to Your 3D Printer?

MThe potential damage from someone having unauthorized access to your printer is significant and varies depending on the capabilities of the hacker and the vulnerabilities of the printer's system.

Hackers could potentially manipulate settings of resin printers to damage the printer or its components. For instance, they could tamper with the UV lamp, leading to premature wear or failure. Additionally, there's the risk of altering settings to cause a resin printer to run at full power continuously, potentially damaging critical components like the LCD and lamp.

Furthermore, on FDM 3D printers, hackers may exploit vulnerabilities in firmware, such as changing parameters to induce a malfunction that could lead to overheating and fire. Additionally, there's the risk of persistent worms that continuously damage settings until new firmware with fixed security measures is installed.

Overall, we urgently need robust security measures in 3D printers to prevent unauthorized access and protect against potentially devastating consequences. It's essential for users to remain vigilant, implement security protocols, and stay informed about emerging threats in order to safeguard their devices and personal information.

More Authentication for Your 3D Printer

MWhen you connect Klipper-based 3D printers to your local area network, it will allow remote management and monitoring. By default, it does not come with authentication.

To enhance security, you should access the printer's interface through their local network. Navigate to the setup section and locate the network settings, where the printer's IP address can be found. Enter this IP address into any web browser on your local network, and go to the fluidd interface.

On the fluidd interface, navigate to the settings menu and locate the authentication options. Here, users should add a username and password to ensure that only authorized individuals can access and control the printer remotely. Failing to set up authentication leaves the printer vulnerable to unauthorized access, potentially leading to misuse or security breaches.

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MBy implementing these security measures, users can safeguard their Wi-Fi-enabled 3D printers and prevent unauthorized access, ensuring smooth and secure operation for their printing tasks.

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