kingroon kp3s tf card file

Kingroon KP3S TF Card Files

Original Kingroon KP3S 3D printer SD card files to DOWNLOAD. Including:

3D Printer Not Reading TF Card?

  • Your KP3S 3D printer not reading, recognizing, or detecting SD cards?

It could be many reasons. You could check if you have following issues: 

  1. Insert the SD Card inproperly.
  2. The print files should be saved in .gcode. You have to convert the file from STL to G-code on slicer software before print.
  3. You saved .gcode file's name is too long. Normally 3D printers only recognize a file or folder whose name is no longer than 8 characters.
  4. If your printer loads file to 100%, but doesn’t start print at all, it's often the issue of the file itself. Most probably only properly saved on the TF card after slicing, or just not successfully sliced. The solution is to slice the file again on the slicer software and save again.
  5. TF card slot damaged.
3d printer not reading tf card