Where to Download FREE & PAID STL files for 3D Printing?

Where to Download FREE & PAID STL files for 3D Printing?

files there's also files you have to pay for so first up let's talk about all the free resources where to get some free awesome 3D files just so you can start printing stuff.


If you spend any amount of time researching 3D print files, you're gonna come across thingiverse.com. This is probably the most widely known 3D file website, and you can hop in here and search anything, and you're going to get some immense amounts of free 3D files for any hobby or niche. But the quality on this is going to vary. Some of the files are made by amateurs, also some from professionals.


Fangs.com is pretty much just like Thingiverse, you can search STL files, download them, and print them for free.


Cults3D provides free 3D files, but you do need to look a little hard for them. Most of Cults 3D's files are paid for, and you're gonna need to spend some money on them. This is actually where I find most of my Demon Slayer katanas. Now, there are free katana files on Thingiverse, but this modeler in particular, Borsche 3D, he makes some of the coolest katana STL files. They build like real katanas!

My Mini Factory

My mini Factory also a great resource that I don't see talked about enough.


There's a search engine called Yeggy which actually searches across the internet for 3D files. So you can just search something on here, and it's going to give you an option to download them from just multiple websites right here, like Thingiverse, Cults 3D, etc. It's like Google for 3D files.

There are other websites that we're going to talk about next that do have their own collection of free files. Sometimes it's not good to just hoard everything; a lot of these companies do give away some free stuff to keep you interested. But hey, that's not a bad thing—we get free stuff.


do3d.com have tons of nerd and pop culture Marvel, DC Comics, anime-related 3D files, like the popular Mark 85 Iron Man suit but you're gonna have to pay for them. They also add free stuff occasionally, and sometimes typically release a better version of the file that you'll have to pay for, like the Green Goblin helmet. 

Nico Industries

The other website that is competing or in the same realm as do3d is Nico Industries. He also offers a multitude of 3D printable files. He also offers some type of subscription service where you pay like 10 or 15 bucks a month, and you can download a massive library of 3D files. So if you want to pay for the file itself, I think you can still do that on his website, or you can just browse other websites, or you can pay for the subscription service and just have access to all of his stuff. 


There is a website called galacticarmory.com, and he does sell his 3D files, but it's very much Star Wars-based. He has some of the best Mandalorian files out there.


And one of the hidden gems is cgtrader.com. There are so many amazing files on this website, but this website doesn't only offer 3D printable files. These are Blender files; these are meant to be put in CGI productions. It's a good 3D model, and heck, and you can put it in VR or AR; that's also cool. But it's not meant to be 3D printed. You can adjust these files to be printed, but that is a lot of work. So when you're browsing websites like this this, make sure you're paying attention to the model type you're looking for: obj, STL. If it doesn't say obj or STL, it might not be a 3D printable file, so be careful.


Another website that is slept on for paid 3D files is Etsy. You can hop on Etsy and search a multitude of things—Iron Man, Mandalorian, Power Rangers. There are tons of files on this website to download, and a lot of the independent modelers who are scattered across Instagram and Facebook, who do a lot of their own little 3D modeling or might have a little shop you can click in your bio, they host a lot of their stuff on Etsy or CGTrader.

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