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Unleashing Wonders: Top 10 3D Printed Optical ILLusions

3D Printed Optical Illusions

Are you ready to embark on a mind-bending journey into the realm of optical illusions brought to life through the magic of 3D printing? In this captivating video, we unveil a collection of the most mesmerizing optical illusions that can be materialized into tangible forms using a 3D printer. Prepare to witness the impossible, as reality twists and turns before your eyes in a visual spectacle like never before.

Get ready to witness optical marvels that defy logic and challenge your perception. From a spilled cup of coffee that appears to float effortlessly to a face that seems to follow you no matter where you stand, each creation in this video is a testament to the boundless creativity that 3D printing technology enables.

Optical Illusion Double Cone


Double cone illusion is a famous mechanical paradox. Mostly heard as a cone rolling uphill.The model designed and analysed using abs as material.

Who designed it? Reo Ashwin

3D model stl file available on download on GRABCAD

Is it free or paid? Free

Impossible Triangle


An optical illusion uses patterns, color, and light to make images that confuse our brains. How does it work? Well, when our eyes gather information from the world around us, our brain’s job is to make sense of it. To understand what our eyes are seeing, our brains create something called a perception. But optical illusions actually cause our perceptions to be incorrect! They trick our brains into thinking we see something that’s not actually the true image.

Optical illusions are fun to explore! This activity highlights the optical illusion triangle. This is an object that can be drawn but cannot exist in 3-D form—it’s actually impossible!

Who designed it?Tomonori

3D model stl file available on download on THINGIVERSE

Is it free or paid? Free

Impossible Slide

What in the world?! This impossible perspective illusion is one of the coolest 3D printed sculptures! Designed and printed by StruckDuck, this playground slide seems to be breaking the laws of physics as the ball appears to be rolling uphill! M.C. Escher would be proud of this seemingly impossible 3D printed optical illusion art.

Who designed it?STRUCKDUCK

STL file available on Cults3D!

Is it free or paid? $ 1.99

Impossible Movement


Impossible Movement. Ball moves up a slope.

The visual trick involves a 3D construction of four slopes that appear to extend downwards away from a common centre (see video). When wooden balls are placed on the slopes, however, they bizarrely roll upwards as if a magnet is pulling them.

Who designed it? Oliver_Lovstrom

STL file available on THINGSIVERSE!

Is it free or paid? Free

Floating Cup Sculpture


The Floating Cup Sculpture is an innovative and unique design piece that you can place on your table to create an interesting and distinctive decorative element. This product is printed on a 3D printer and includes a cup with spilled coffee, which looks like it is standing on your table right now. The entire scene looks like you just stopped time in the moment of coffee spillage.

Who designed it? HappyMoon

STL file available on THINGSIVERSE!

Is it free or paid?  Free

Floating Cup Sculpture


The Fidget Tornado/Cloud is known to be a favourite among many. Fidget toys are beneficial as it allows the mind to be still and focused.

Are you ready to unleash some stress and keep your hands busy with our unique Fidget Tornado? This mesmerising desk toy is perfect for relieving anxiety, improving focus, and passing the time.

Who designed it? BODY3D

STL file available on Cults3D!

Is it free or paid? Free

Optical Illusion Face


Welcome to the world of fascinating optical illusions! Our plastic cube with printed face will constantly follow you no matter what angle you turn it at. Thanks to sophisticated 3D printing in high quality using PLA material and each layer with a height of 0.16mm, it will look alive and keep you in constant suspense. Become part of the incredible world of optical illusions and add this unique and fun product with precise handling to your collection.

Who designed it? VERONIQUEDUVAL9118

STL file available on Cults3D!

Is it free or paid?  $ 0.54

Christmas Spiral



Introducing the 3D Printed Christmas Spiral, a captivating addition to the holiday season, now available for download. This unique Christmas hanging decoration merges the festive spirit with modern design, rendered in a mesmerizing dual-color scheme of blue and purple. Designed to enchant and illuminate any holiday setting, this spiral decoration embodies the magic of Christmas through its elegant twist and vibrant colors, making it a standout piece in any holiday decor.Experience the Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer


The Christmas Spiral stands out with its enchanting dual-color design, blending the cool serenity of blue with the mystical allure of purple. This color combination evokes a sense of wintry magic and festive wonder, illuminating holiday spaces with a soft, captivating glow. The spiral design adds a dynamic twist to traditional holiday decorations, inviting the eye to follow its graceful curves and admire the interplay of colors that change with the light.


This 3D Printed Christmas Spiral serves as a symbol of festive elegance and joy, capturing the essence of the holiday season in its fluid form and harmonious colors. It is a celebration of innovation and tradition, offering a fresh perspective on holiday decor. The blending of blue and purple hues, along with the spirals mesmerizing shape, makes it a perfect addition to any Christmas tree, window display, or holiday tableau, sparking joy and wonder in all who behold it.


Transform your holiday decor with the 3D Printed Christmas Spiral. Designed for those who cherish the holiday season and appreciate the beauty of 3D printing, this decoration offers a unique opportunity to bring a touch of modern elegance to your festive celebrations. The STL file for this dual-color blue and purple spiral is available for download, inviting you to create a piece that stands as a testament to the joyful spirit and aesthetic innovation of the Christmas season.


For those drawn to the magic of Christmas and the creative possibilities of 3D printing, the STL file for the 3D Printed Christmas Spiral is ready for download. This project provides an exceptional chance to delve into a world where technology meets holiday tradition, creating a decorative item that not only enhances your festive decor but also serves as a captivating emblem of the seasons wonder. Whether adorning your home, given as a thoughtful gift, or adding to a collection of holiday ornaments, the Christmas Spiral promises to inspire and delight with its unique design and festive coloration.

Who designed it? KT3DPRINT

STL file available on Cults3D!

Is it free or paid? Free

Optical Illusion Pinwheel


The special twin blades rotate on opposite directions when the air hits them. The handle has a hole that fits a standard pencil so you can make it longer and stick it on your garden.

Who designed it? Dalpek

STL file available on THINGIVERSE!

Is it free or paid? Free

Dragon Illusion HueForge


This model was created using the original art found here Dragon-Illusion-BBC (thinkfun.com). Once printed, I heated the print along the marked lines with a heat gun that was set to 220c (if printed in anything other than ABS you may need to lower this temp). Once the plastic was soft, I folded the plastic to the correct position (may require some adjusting) I then put a little super glue on the three folded tabs. On it's own, this does not stand up too well. I just placed a little double sided tape under the tail and stuck to the table. You could easily super glue the tail down to a printed platform.

Who designed it? AJAX3D

STL file available Maker World

Is it free or paid? Free

Is it free or paid? Free



These 3D zoetropes create animations that look like real moving sculptures.
Note there are just 39 frogs not 40 - this is because once per revolution one frog jumps from one frame/segment into the next. This starts at frame J and finishes at frame A - where there is an A frog and T frog. There is only one A frog.

Who designed it? N0F8R

STL file available cults3d

Is it free or paid? Free

All the awe-inspiring models showcased in this video were meticulously crafted using the Creality CR-6 SE 3D printer. This cutting-edge printer brings these optical illusions to life with precision and detail, ensuring a seamless replication of intricate designs that challenge the boundaries of reality.

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Ready to delve into the world of optical illusions and bring these mesmerizing designs to life in your own home? Access the STL files for each optical illusion model featured in the video and embark on a journey of creativity and wonder.

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